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(NNC) - When CNN and YouTube decided to pair up and merge the mediums of television and internet, neither companies quite expected to get all the baggage that comes with user-submitted, online-oriented content. This time, that baggage came in the form of a hidden online secret image, lovingly labeled “GOATSE,” based on the original website “”

“GOATSE” refers to an image that began circulating the internet and infiltrating innocent users’ internet explorer windows as early as January 2000. But what makes this image so unique is its inherently offensive nature - portraying a man distending his anal lining with his two hands while providing a very clear image of his erect penis.

And despite an extensive screening and thorough analyzation of the videos submitted on behalf of YouTube and CNN alike, the image still made it under the radar and into tonight’s debate.

The incident in question came during a question about our nation’s healthcare system. The user who submitted the video was speaking innocuously into the camera when the image of “goatse” was flashed for the briefest moment in 1/24th of a second, ranging just above the framerate treshhold with which television broadcasts.

Though the image flashed only briefly, both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama were seen wincing at the image. Whether or not it was recognized remains unknown.

As of this time, it is unclear as to how many Americans witnessed the outrage, but there are reports of as many as 200,000 phone calls made to the Democratic National Committee (DNC) reporting the obscenity.

CNN has yet to make an official statement regarding the matter, but a top spokesman was reportedly overheard denouncing the incident as “despicable.”

Hahahaha. "Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama were seen wincing at the image"!!!
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