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Your ideal Traingin/Shooting range?

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All the recent training talk got me thinking about all the shortcomings of a lot of ranges, especially in well-populated areas. I started thinking about what my Ideal Range would be like.

1. 1 yard -50 yard pistol range. This range would be backed by dirt berms,
It would have a motorized target system that would move targets sideways instead of back and forth, so you could have the option of never knowing exactly where your target would be.

There would be some steel falling plate tables too.

I'd also like to see an area like a pit, in wich you can shoot in any direction, with some realistic street scenarios, street corners, alleyways, and a car or two from which you would have to shoot.
Standard cowboy action and IDPA courses would be good too.

Hell I'd like to have a 2 story shoothouse as well, as long as I'm dreaming.

I'd like a rifle range out to 1000 yards too. Free golf carts to use to go change targets. :)

What would YOUR ideal range have?
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Blackwater has the ultimate setup with mid south my 2nd choice.
I'm primiarly a long gunner, so I'd want a lot of mid range reactive targets 100-700yds with range flags every 25yds for semi rifles and stationary targets from 700- 1200 for long range target engagement with bolts with range flags for wind study and a lot of elevation changes for ranging and angle calculation.

For pistol and shotty and rifle I'd want a 1-50yd range with timed turning targets for them OH shit situations when it's run and gun up close and personal.
Ideal range?

Pretty much what's stated above, but in my back yard :p

Filthy Rich :twisted:
fortunately for me, i have a family relative who is the range officer (was...) of their department range... :evil smiley:

they have standard 5, 10, etc yard lanes.

only a single 100 meter lane long guns. :( my 50 cal will not like that... lol...

but oh man... when we are the only ones there, like low light to NO light shooting... what a hoot.

a few years ago, as their RO, he was able to get a FN P90. the full auto one.

unfortunately, he took the gun shooting during my work time and i was unable to fire that. by the time i time opened up, he said he used up all the 5.7 ammo that FN sent with the rifle... ARGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG
Hm... The best shooting range I can think of? Something like a terrorist convention center, Like A.M.W.A.Y but for terrorists.
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