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Yet another addition to the "family"

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Just picked up a new XD-40 today. Haven't gotten a chance to get put some shots through this one yet, as it's been raining on and off all day where I live. I'll get some pics posted once I feel like getting around to it (it's my day off today and I've been picking up hours from other people like crazy lately, most of the other bartenders where I work are either sick or injured right now, so I've been working my ass off for the past week) :(
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Welcome to the family :D

Check this site out:
GOD DAMNIT!!!!! as a side note to part of what I said earlier, tonight I went to the bar I'm working at now and got pulled into working a double on thursday. FUCK!!!!!!! I'm going to just start drinking at other bars on my nights off from now on.
I think it was Oscar Wilde that said- work is the curse of the drinking classes, in your case however, it would seem that they are one in the same.

forgive the yammering, but the corner store finally started selling 12packs of henry wineharts this week, right when I thought I was too poor to afford beer (the drinkable type, I'm not the st ides type of fellow), this miracle happens. huzzah!!!
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