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Ya know, I'm happier now than I've ever been in life...

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minus when I was child and was torn away from my place of birth and childhood against my will, but besides that, things are just falling into place... I've rid myself of my demons that have been holding me back, have an awesome family that I wouldn't trade for anything in the world for, a beautiful gal that I will marry in nine months (props to you if you were invited), have more ammo than I can count... more legal explosives than I care to disclose (tanerites), and enough guns to arm everyone that is dear to me... (as well as enough safety items to overcome a lot)... Just in a dammed good mood... maybe it's the Kona beer talking (had a whole 2), but life is good right now.
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Thats awesome man! I figure I will be there in a couple years. Once I get out of the hell of grad school. I already have a great gal, ALOT of toys, and an few cool cars( I just need to fix them).
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