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X-ray fun

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Well I have been doing some remodeling at my dads veterinary hospital the past few days and I figured it would be cool to fire up the Xray and do some things with it.

Today I only got the H&K USP compact and a Thermold AR-15 mag loaded with 20 rounds of 5.56mm, Im going to do some shotgun shells and my M4 with the Aimpoint scope because X-rays can penetrate aluminum and it should show just the insides of the rifle and the scope.

The AR mag, Nothing that awesome but you can see inside the first bullet where it is not overlapping

H&K USP, so much thick steel you cant see anything in it..

Going to take some more stuff Monday, Any requests?
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I wouldn't put the aim point in there, Radiation and electronics don't mix, also I'm not sure how the gas buffer will react.
Im guessing they would use nitrogen as the gas inside thats a noble gas, so its non reactive to anything, As for electronics it would not effect it They X-ray laptops at the airport dont they? Same with most camera lenses they have nitrogen inside and there ok with X-rays.
They never Xray my lap top, the check it by hand if they check it at all. They specifically ask me for it so it doesn't get scanned.
That's badass! is it the same strength as human x-ray machines? I have a couple at work.
Yep its the same, I did fairly low power on those pictures to.
12 gauge shotgun shell? :D
Im going to get these pictures another day soon I got a new job at an army navy store working on guns... :)

They dont sell guns anymore but they work on them still.

Got this today, I took it a bit to powerfully because you cant even see the Aimpoint scope! but you just see the inside parts... Cool huh? I did not think it would work this well!

Oh by the way the last ten rounds in the mag 62 grain AP rounds I wanted to see what they looked like with the steel core so I poped 10 of them in first so dont forget to take a look at those and how much larger they are then the other 55 grains.

oh, It took 38 pictures for me to take a picture of this picture... I had to tape it on my computer screen set to a white backdrop, set my cam on night vision mode cover the flash and try to get the right angle even then it does not show how cool the real picture is...

Bad ass huh?
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awesome thread!

what, you don't have a scanner? sounds like it would make your life easier...
I do have a scanner but the X-ray films are to large for it.

Im going to get some more stuff some day soon.
I'm still voting for anything boomstick related. :D
Shotgun recevers are all steel so nothing would ever show up, I would like to do that to if it worked.

But shotgun shells will work..
I have an x-ray digitizer. :D gonna have to try this out!
so you swallowed these guns, and then xrayed yourself?! ugh

Im going to do this again soon, any ideas of what to do? I was thinking Cetme or AK-47.

oh, yea and a shotgun shell.

never mind, im doing the AK-47 today after work.
Thats bad ass... I wanna see what a loaded glock would look like... Round in the chamber, and one without a chambered round but WITH a loaded magazine.
fatcat said:
...Im going to do this again soon, any ideas of what to do?...

What you might give consideration to is building up a portfolio of X-ray pics toward as many different firearm related items as you can get your hands on.
Take that and group them along with something completely pedestrian such as a childs toy, toothpaste, a shoe or flip-flop, a set of house keys and/or place the firearm paraphanalia and secondary items to be framed inside of various luggage, school lunch boxes, handbags, pants pockets, etc. while taking the pics.
Next approach a local to you museum or college graphic arts coordinator and ask for help toward arrangement of the images toward a static display & show.

I kid you not there is money in the arts game and your images are unusual enough in scope and layout that it would have an edge in the market. As well the subject matter is relevant to todays environment both civil and political. It would appeal across party lines to the antis as well as those folks like us. Additionally those of us who like & wonder how things 'tick' would find this fascinating while others of the more artistic bent would see this as being wonderous. It appeals to left brain and right brain typess.

Further you could apply for a grant from the National Endowment of the Arts (NEA) toward funding for such a display and the cost of the project materials overall including electricity, use of the machine, consumables and more (which BTW might even be tax deductible to you!) by revieiwng the application rules here;

If I were you I would look into this with seriousness as you could also develop a coffee table sized pictorial book around these with aid of a high end/high quality drum scanner (my former roommate from college does this for a living for a gallery in DC and makes six figures doing nothing else but scanning high quality images for artists and curators).
In my personal life I am involved locally with a musem as a board member and am tasked with 'development' which amongst other things includes locating display opportunities. Further this coming weekend and next month I will be attending and participating in a two part workshop toward museums sponsored by the New England Museum Assoc. and the Mass. Foundation for the Humanities that amongst multiple subjects will include discussion toward securing and developing exhibits. If this idea as a project interests you then I'd have no problem asking the presenters of their own opinion on this idea and if they have any additional opinion and/or insight toward how to go about making such a project happen.

Bottomline is within your images beyond the surface of springs, plates, and casings, I see coins within ones palm and a door labelled 'Opportunity'.


- Ray Milland
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Listen to teh Janq!
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