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WWUD: Pinned man shoots alleged car thief

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What would you do...

Posted: 1/2/2007 7:09:00 PM

Pinned man shoots alleged car thief

Source: KRQE News 13
Watch Annie McCormick’s report.

TOMÉ, N.M. -- The getaway went all wrong for an alleged car thief in Valencia County this morning when he fled with a Cadillac and a gunshot wound.

Police say the alleged thief pinned the homeowner with the car he was trying to steal, but got shot himself in the process.

This morning a Tomé homeowner woke up to see his son's car being stolen out of the family's driveway. He armed himself and ran out to make it clear this was not going to be an easy steal.

The suspected thief crashed the Caddy and stumbled bleeding to the street, according to police.

The suspected thief drove the Cadillac he was trying to steal toward the homeowner pinning him against a fence. The homeowner retaliated by firing one shot.

That shot hit the suspect, but he fled the scene in the Cadillac with the homeowner following him for seven miles.

“When he went out, he was pinned by that vehicle against the fence,” New Mexico State Police Sgt. Robert Miller said. “There were shots fired by the victim.

“At that point they continued on a small pursuit.”

But before the homeowner caught up, the alleged thief crashed and abandoned the Caddy. While bleeding from his wound, he stumbled and fell in front of a commuter driving to work who happened to be behind him.

The commuter thought he hit the suspect with his truck, ran out alarmed and then realized the bleeding man had been shot. He then called 911.

The suspect remains at UNM hospital with a gunshot wound, but police said it is not life-threatening.

The father was also taken to UNM Hospital but treated and released.

The story can be found at;

- Janq
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Thats not what happened though.
Reread the story in it's entirety.

- Janq
I would not have stepped foot outside.
I'd dial 911 and then lock all the doors, as he was inside his home to start, and be on the look out for others and try to be as excellent a witness as I could be.

Repairing/replacing an insured car is easy.
Repairing/replacing me, even with insurance, is alot harder.
That guy considering his age is very lucky he didn't have his hip or pelvis broken, or worst the thief choose to run him over witht he car as opposed to throw the car into reverse effectively sparing him his life upon being shot through the windshield.

BTW in MA and some other states deadly force is not allowed/legal toward defense of property. Human life, even that of a thief, is seen as having greater value than that of material goods.
Be aware of your own state and local laws to avoid a case.

- Janq
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