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Ok , well I ran out of room in my closet so I need to get rid of these..

KJW USP Match, Not the one Evike sells. This gun was built back in the 4th quarter of 2004. It has a OD frame with some wear from general handling, Comes complete with metal slide, 4 magazines (2 leak), 1 KJW USPC Parts gun (almost complete needs trigger IIRC) and a Match unit from a UHC NBB gun installed.

Saying this gun shoots hard is a under statement, Coke can chorno reads in the neighborhood of 400-450 FPS (bottom, puts a big ding in the top)

would like to get atleast 110-120 for this package.

Next up,

TM MK23 NBBG Full package with silencer (foam removed and glued shut to comply with BATF regulations)& LAM. has 2 STTI propane magazines and 1 marui magazine. Silencer Foam included loose. Only issue with this gun is the hopup wont stay where its adjusted for long peroids of time. and the main hopup housing has a hairline crack Will take 150 OBO for this package.

Next up,
MGC M93R NBB, First internal gas gun ever manufactured. Mostly a conversational peice. Hard to fill with gas, comes with 1 magazine. Will take 80 OBO for this

Next Up,
KSC USP Compact. Got it in a trade recently. Dont want it cant take care of it, comes with 2 magazines which have been modified (by a retailer) slightly to work "better" in the gun. I got it like this so no guarentees on how long it holds out. I do not have the hopup key but the gun seems to function fine on propane and HFC134A.
Will take 70 OBO

Next Up,
Maruzen M870 BV
Again, got it in a trade. Dont want it but Ive given the internals a look over and fired it. Functions just dandy on HPA and c02 ( Use C02 for best results). Gun is EXTERNALLY rigged. Gun is the PISTOL GRIP model with a shortened OUTER barrel, Inner barrel is still stock length. Slightly harder to cock than a stock M870. Comes with 5 shells.

Since this item is getting harder and harder to find Im going to have to sell it at a slightly higher price (200 USD)

Pictures on Request only

Serious buyers only, I do not take Skam-Pal, MO only at this time.

Will trade for Electric guns or BV system classics only , Just E-mail me an offer..
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