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WTC7 - help me out here, guys.

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ok. so we have all heard the 9/11 is an inside job chuff. hell, its hard to get away from it now. but, like most of my friends didnt ever really buy into it. i humored the idea, i compared facts, etc, but never really came to a full proof conclusion one way or another. Then, last night i hear about WTC7 or world trade center building 7, and i started to get REALLY confused. so im hoping someone here can clear this up for me.

First thing i did was jump good ol wiki and see what they had to say, this is the short and sweet;

NIST has released a video and still-photo analysis of Building 7 before its collapse that appears to indicate a greater degree of structural damage from falling debris than originally assumed by FEMA. Specifically, NIST's interim report on 7 WTC displays photographs of the southwest façade of the building that show it to have significant damage. The report also highlights a 10-story gash in the center of the south façade,toward the bottom, extending approximately a quarter of the way into the interior.[29][3] A unique aspect of the design of 7 WTC was that each outer structural column was responsible for supporting 2,000 square feet (186 square meters) of floor space, suggesting that the simultaneous removal of a number of columns severely compromised the structure's integrity. Consistent with this theory, news footage shows cracking and bowing of the building's east wall immediately before the collapse, which began at the penthouse floors.[3]
fair enough. sounds logical in any event. two HUGE towers fall to the ground causing considerable amount of pressure, high speed air movement + a couple shit-tons of debris and this is more the logical. however, if you look to the side bar of above referenced wiki page, you see a diagram of the WTC building layouts

but oddly enough there is a giant building known at WTC6 EXACTLY between the north tower (wtc1) and WTC7. so, im confused as to how all this shock and debris was somehow pushed around building 6 and into 7.

im sure a physicist could explain a believable scenario in which this could happen. so, it tickled my taste buds and now im full swing google mode and need to find more. so, i go to the vids and see what is going around. then i came across this and the shock started to settle in.

at 39 seconds when it cuts to the female reporter, you can still see WTC7 behind her head. Then! when they DO show the collapse it looks nothing like a building falling from failling structural suport. it falls, exactly within its own footprint like a pre-rigged demo. now... this is no small building, it was some 47 stories which would dwarf many buildings here in SF. Furthermore i found out the building was evacuated completely at 9 AM.

now im getting a little worried... to be honest. if that wasn't enough, i then spent 2 hours and watched this extremely one sided movie made by a true conspiracy theorist. now, i hope a couple of you watch this from start to finish so i can get some comparable insight. i watched it unbiased. but, for the last 30 minutes i was literally stuck to my computer with my jaw in my lap. there is so much info in here that is straight from the gvt, unclassified CIA ops. its not debated, its not covered up.

someone give me the other side to this story, PLEASE.

if you cant watch the vid i want to relate one point that troubles me the most. and, its one of those facts that is troubling because i cant figure out any rational reason for it. No American fighters where scrambled throughout the entire six hour debacle. i have heard stories of small twin engine prop planes (like a sesna) loose radio contact with a tower in Washington, within 30 minutes there was an American jet on its wing until it subsequently crashed miles away. 30 minuts for a fuckin sesna.

i DONT want to believe it, and maybe thats the sadest part. im too scared to believe this could be a possibility. but i wont untill someone agrees im not out of my fuckin mind, but what i really want is for someone to proove me wrong.

please do.
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For me, the attack on the USS liberty is exceptionally painful to review. I had read about this previously and although it very clearly stank, motive and perceived benefit was never definitive and could have gone a variety of ways.

Are there no true allies? Are personnel disposable in order to attempt a ruse for power consolidation? The process of cost-benefit analysis on a government level is scary to even get a glimpse of.
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