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I recently got my buddy a job as a PA on a reality show I'm currently working on. As a thank you gesture he showed up at my apartment today with a TSDSPorts Mini Maxx A5. It's basically modeled after the MP5 family of SMG's.

It was a very kind gesture especially considering the fact that I know he's basically broke. I also know that this gun costs around $50.

Judging by looks it actually appears to be a very decent gun. So, I loaded up the mag (which felt like it was going to break in my hands in the process) popped in 6 double a's (lol) and went to fire.


The mechanisms were working properly but nothing was coming out of the barrel. After some fidgeting and shaking the gun about I eventually got it to discharge a round.

It's not very powerful, it can't punch through the same kinds of stuff that my KSC gas gun can, obviously.

Anyways, are there any tips as to how I can get this thing to always fire a round? I mean, sometimes half way through a mag it just doesn't want to spit out a BB..

piece of junk..

I can't wait to get my hands on a second quality piece, like a Western Arms 1911. :p
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