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see...... this is an unloaded gun

now hand me that rifle

this guy is an idiot
The best part is the kids begging him/them to put the guns away!
I love how he mentions that he is the only one he knows that is qualified to handle this weapon right before he shoots himself with it.
the worst part about the whole thing is he is a fed, it would be even better though if he was atf
one of those perfect disasters that just so happen to be videotaped, hell of a lesson for the kids as well... :shock:
Holy shit, you guys haven't seen mr "Im the only one professional enough..." yet?

Hellz that happened like a year ago.

Recent news is that now he is suing the DEA for allowing the tape to propigate on the internet. Syas his career is finished.

Good, I say, you have no business around guns.
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fatcat said:

lol... Yes I have seen the DEA guy long time ago but I think its quite rude saying GOD THATS SOOOO OLD FIND NEW STUFF!
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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