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World Facts. An Interesting Read.

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I know there a couple of duplicates, too lazy to remove them.

-There are 49 continental states. There are 48 contiguous states.

-If traveling, no passport is needed for American citizens in Puerto Rico or Guam.

-Everest is the tallest point in the world, not Mount Kilimanjaro.

-Everest is the tallest point in the world, not Mount Kilimanjaro.

-The capital of New York is Albany, not New York City.
The capital of Illinois is Springfield, not Chicago.
The capital of Michigan is Lansing, not Detroit or Ann Arbor.
The capital of Washington is Olympia, not Seattle.
The capital of Vermont is... actually, nobody cares what the capital of Vermont is.

-Canada has ten provinces and three territories. Nunavut is the newest territory, split off from the Northwest Territory in 1999. Canada has about 33 million inhabitants

Mexico has about 110 million inhabitants. Its capital, Mexico City, is the largest city in North America, with about 19 million people.

-Ireland has not been a member of the United Kingdom for a good 80 or 90 years..
Also, it's St. Paddy's Day , NOT St. Patty's.

-India is not a continent, it's actually a country of Asia. This means that Indians are Asians too. You wouldn't believe how many people think that the Indian "sub-continent" qualifies as a continent on its own.

-The United Kingdom consists of England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, each separate countries but still a whole political entity. Gordon Brown, current PM, was born in Scotland.

-Russia is the largest country in the world, followed by Canada, USA, China and Brazil in this order. Russia covers 11% of earth's land surface and spans 11 time zones (gmt+2 - gmt+12) from eastern Asia to Eastern Europe. Russia's boundary is over 50,000 kilometers with 14 different countries.

The most populous country in the world is China, followed by India, USA, Indonesia and Brazil. China and India have populations of over 1 billion.

The country with the biggest GDP is USA followed by Japan, Germany, China and UK. If EU is counted as an entity, the order is EU, USA, Japan, Germany, China.

The most spoken language is Mandarin China, followed by English, Hindi, Spanish and Arabic.

The deepest point in ocean is Challenger Deep in the Pacific Ocean, 10,923 km / 35,838 feet. Highest mountain is Mt. Everest, 8848 meters / 29,029 feet.

The hottest recorded temperature is 58°C (136°F) in, El Azizia, Libya. The coldest recorded temperature 89 °C (-129°F) recorderd in Vostok station near south pole.

-Alaska is the northermost, westermost, and technically, easternmost state. (Since it crosses into the eastern hemisphere)

-While the US was the first to land on the moon, the Soviets were the first to put a satellite in space, put a man in space, orbit the earth, do a spacewalk, and a whole ****-ton of other firsts.

-Sweden is not Switzerland

-Amsterdam is not a country. It is a city in Holland. And Holland is The Netherlands.

-# 42% of the world's population lives in China and the Indian Sub continent.
# The most spoken languages in varied forms are Chinese, Spanish, English, Arabic and Hindi.
# The largest belief systems are Christianity, Islam, Atheism, Hinduism, Buddhism & variations, and then the rest which include Sikhism, Judaism etc.
# The largest Christian population is in the United States, the largest muslim population in Indonesia, largest Hindu in India and the largest Buddhist in China.
# Less than 20% of muslims are Arabs.
# The largest Jewish population is in the US followed by Israel.
# There are eight declared nuclear powers : US, UK, France, Russia, China, India, Pakistan and North Korea with Israel being the 9th not having declared its status.
# The European Union is made up of 27 members and is the richest body in the world followed by the US.
# Russia was part of the Soviet Union states till the USSR was dissolved in 1991. Russia is still the largest country in the world.
# The Soviets suffered the worst losses in World War 2, almost 25 million followed by China (20 million), then Germany (about 7.5 million). The US suffered around 500,000 casualties.
# The Russians were first in space and the first to make a successful unmanned landing on the Moon. However only the US (NASA) has landed men on the moon and brought them back. The last moon mission was in 1976. No humans have ever landed on another planet.
# The Universe is about 14 billion years in, the Sun and Earth about 4.5 billion. Life traces on Earth go back to about 4 Billion years. As far as we know, there has been no other life discovered anywhere else.
# The human brain is most complex organ ever observed in the universe.

-Penguins only live on Antarctica and a few other areas in the Southern Hemisphere. They do not live on the North Pole.
Polar bears only live on the Arctic. There are none in Scandinavia.
There are no tigers in Africa.
Leopards live in Africa, jaguars in South America. They are not the same animal, by the way.

-The deepest point in ocean is Challenger Deep in the Pacific Ocean, 10,923 km / 35,838 feet.

-Something like 70% of the world's adult population is "lactose intolerant". "Lactose intolerance" is in fact the normal state of affairs; being able to digest milk past childhood is a mutation.

And yes, Austria is a country. There are no kangaroos and we don't say "aye, mate" They also speak German, not Austrian.

-Austria was HUGE in the Austria-Hungarian empire. Pre WWI. While many may know this, it still blows me away.

Austria-Hungarian empire

Austria now.

-German is also spoken in Switzerland.

-They speak Portuguese in Portugal and Brazil. Spanish is spoken in the obvious Mexico and Spain. Plus The Dominican Republic, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Columbia, Costa Rica, Cuba, and Puerto Rico (Although not a country).

-Many countries outside of the U.S. require military service for those at the age of 18. I did not know this for a while considering all we have is fear of the draft. In Austria it is 6 month military service, or 8 month public service (Ambulance, hospital). Some places require upwards of 1-2 years. I think Germany is 2.

-National health care works

-Countries in the EU use the Euroe. As well as Monaco, Andorra, San Marino, the Vatican City and Montenegro, none of which are members of the EU.

-Most places in Europe, kids have been learning English since kindergarten.

-China obviously has the largest military in the world. The U.S. is second, India third, and surprisingly North Korea fourth. With Russian being fifth.

North Korea has 49 per thousand citizens in the military. While China has 2 and the US 5. 10-20% of North Koreans serve in the military.
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