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woot! Get to shoot for the first time on tuesday

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Weather permitting, I'll be handling my first non-airsoft, non-BB guns on tuesday. A new friend from my photo class offered to teach me basic gun safety and go to shoot some rifles and 9mm hand guns. not sure if it will be at a range or his farm, but either way it should be safe. I've only shot toy guns a handful of times (less than 50 rounds) so I am pretty excited. I'm also happy I'll be getting some semblance of safety training.

A little luck and I'll be perusing the for sale/for trade forums soon. :monkey:
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SA-WEET! Yer gonna have some fun. Post an after-action report! :D
its self-portrait week in our mutual photography class, so we might manage to get some mid-action shots as well (tripod, remote, and timer).

you can then all mock my super sweet "OMG, its LOuDz!!!!?1" noob-face
Just remember, shooting sideways makes you look real kewl. :p
Welcome aboard Grant. :)

- Henry
Janq is right! Also, don't forget to yell out real loud "GAT!! GAT! GAT!!" every time you fire.
Oh, and every word or sentence said while on range must end in "fool!" or "Yee ha!"
For example;

* "Wow! I hit the ten ring, fool."
* "So how are you supposed toline up these sights again, fool?"
* "Damn this shooting is hard, but fun. Yee ha!!"
* "I heard Glocks can shoot under water and even in space? Yee ha!"

Good timez :)

- Janq, fool
i'm so excited i just ripped the sleeves off my t-shirt

Now do something about that BIIIIG ass avatar!
brucelee said:

Now do something about that BIIIIG ass avatar!
i don't own any guns! i need to compensate!
I feel like I should be crossing myself everytime I look at your avatar. :)
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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