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Winchester plant

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I know one of the Winchester rifle plants recently closed or is closing soon. Are they relocating that plant to another country? are they still going to be making that model? does any body know any thng about this or whats going to be happening.
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The New Haven plant....the original one is closing. The Model 1300 and Model 94 lever guns wont be made anymore. Alot of Winchester high end guns were already made in FN owned plants in Japan, Portugal, and Belgium and those will continue. These are your semi auto shotguns, over and unders, and custom shop lever actions. The will still be around but it will be a much more expensive brand to own, but the quality will be higher since the US made post 64 Winchesters are notorious for being of much lower quality than the pre 64 ones.
thanks i searched and found a few articles on this topic and i still wanna buy a winchester model 94 i hope i can find one at a resonable price soon. it still makes me sad that on of Americas oldest gun manufactures is no longer being made in the US and that the model 94 will no longer be made i really like that gun and alot of other people do to. o just hope i can get one at a resonablr price soon. i should of bought one a few months ago. was closing out a bunch of Winchesters.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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