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Anyone know anything about this? I have seen three for sale in my search. (technically, two)

The first one was the laser module + light module, with a RIS mount, box, and manuals, in "as new" condition. The seller was asking over $1K.

The second was the laser + light with RIS mount, "cosmetically damaged", and may have included a box and manual, I don't remember. Asking price was $845 OBO.

The third is the one I initially found that got me looking at them... Supposedly, it's the light + laser, with RIS mount, Mk. 23 mount (apperently different than the RIS mount), possibly an IR illuminator, box, manual, etc, in "good" condition, according to the seller. Asking $600 for it all.

I'd really like a laser for my M&P, and had originally been looking at the $300+ stuff they have at the local range... But if this is as good of a deal as I think, I may not be able to pass it up... Any input?

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Wait a second....

Do you have any pictures of these? I think we have three where I work.

Its a bunch of parts and things... Theres a foregrip one, and a small one with IR and visable laser and light. for pistols and some other thing... I know theres rail mounts and shotguns mounts and pistol mounts all for it. We use the IR laser to mess around with the night vision goggles when it turns dark.
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