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I just picked up a really nice small gun safe from Dick's sporting Goods, which as far as I know is a national chain.

I've wanted something smaller than my gunvault, it had to hold 3-4 pistols that are in my carry rotation plus mags and stuff, it had to be fast-access, and had to be boltable to the floor or wall.

I found this one just by luck:

For sixty bucks.

Sure you could bash through it with a hammer, but it would deter kids and casual thieves I imagine.

Here's a link to the product:

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jamz said:
ldivinag said:
nice litle product:

i picked one up.

combo entry is fast, especially in no or low lights.
Idivinag, I considered that exact model too, but I was not sure it would be big enough for 3-5 guns, magazines etc. It is better to open by feel than mine is though, so good for bedrooms, etc.
right now, there is a cheap plastic shelf that kinda holds my spare ammo mags.

a single sig 229 sits in there and that it my YOU WANNA BREAK INTO THIS HOUSE goto gun... should give me time to run to the other safe for the MBR/SHTF long guns.

i guess i can cram another in there by removing the shelf and leaning them on the side.

one thing i dont like is the dang thing BEEPS loud. kinda bad if i'm trying to hide from the bad guy who's wondering the house.

nice is the base plate that you bolt down onto a solid surface. the box then sits on the base plate and is secured by 2 pins. it's more secured than i describe it.

you can then buy additional plates for like $15-20 so you can move it around.

bad is once you entered the right combo, there's like a half a second delay before the door SLAMS OPEN...

good is that there is a backup key to open in case the 4 AA batts die.

bad is for smaller hands you kinda have to spread out your fingers to fit in the grooves to press the combo buttons..
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