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'Why Revolver Beats Auto'

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This is purely informational. I personally have never owned a revolver and though I do not wholly agree with the article I do plan to pick one up for home use although thats only due to how MA law is setup and not due to the revolver being necessarily better, in my hands, than an autoloader.
Even still I thought folk here might find the piece to be informational and useful.

'Why Revolver Beats Auto' by Ralph Mroz

- Janq
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Interesting article. He makes a good point about how revolvers are much less ammunition sensitive and self clearing (if it doesn't fire, just pull the trigger again).

But the argument also seems fixated on the M1911 and it's variants. The grip safety comment specifically and 'complicated operation' and 'four season carry' in general. Almost as if the only semi caliber he's considering is 45 ACP; a Walther PPK is smaller than both the revolvers he's demonstrating with (granted the revolvers look to be a 44's - so more powerful than .380 ACP).

I'd be curious to see what he would say if shown a Glock (even though the picture on the second page shows what looks like a Glock lying next to a revolver).
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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