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For years, I avoided fiber optic sights. I had read posts by so many people over the years how they broke so easily.

Then I discovered the ones S&W uses on their Shield/Shield Plus series. They have metal spirals that wrap around the rods - protecting them. So, I have them a chance on a Shield 2.0 4" model. I fell in love. They solved my issues of having trouble seeing the dots on the sights. My group sizes decreased with the fiber optic sights.

I then slowly got them on some of my other guns... While the others don't have the protection that the S&W sights do, they are amazing at the range... They fixed the problem of my 50 year old eyes for now. As long as this works, I'll resist going to pistol optics :)

Some of my pistols with fiber optics... (And, I am waiting for another Combat Master to come in anytime now - it will have a front fiber optic sight too)

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