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I want that classic 1950's/1960's/1970's look. I want all the bells and whistles of the Husqvarna Model 3000 Crown Grade with a couple changes.

-Mauser 98 action
-jeweled bolt
-hinged floor plate
-polished metal bolt handle with round knob and curved/tapered stem
-polished blued action
-walnut traditional-pattern checkered Monte Carlo stock, dark hand-rubbed finish
-no iron sights
-recoil pad
with white spacer
-black pistol grip cap with white spacer
-black forend cap with white spacer
-right-hand bolt handle
-sling swivels
-caliber 6.5 Creedmoor
-drilled/taped for scope mounting

This is the Husky 3000 for visual reference. This is a joy for my older baby-boomer eyes to behold.
Wood Rectangle Font Hardwood Metal

PS - I fear I may never find a Husky 3000 or a Savage 99 in such condition and price that I like. Those two are my all-time favorites. Having a custom rifle built to look like that Swedish classic above just might be too hard on my savings account if it exceeds $1,500. The nicest pretty thing, wood-stocked-hunting-rifle-wise in mint condition for about $1,400 I've seen lately on GB is a mint/unused Belgian Browning BAR in .243. BAR's have been the dream of a number of American big-game hunters. Browning made some nice-looking Safari bolt-action rifles in the 1970's with Mauser-based actions but they are not quite as pretty as these Swedish jobs. Few new production hunting rifles these days have that round-ball Mauser bolt handle knob for easy palming and sharp looks. If I can't find a nice-looking bolt gun in my price ballpark, it may very well have to be a nice Browning BAR auto.

Here are the most beautiful hunting long guns I've ever seen.

Air gun Trigger Wood Line Gun barrel
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