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While I was down in SoCal visiting my Mom...

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...She gave me a Savage Sporter .22Lr rifle that was my grandfather's. Ser# 92690 I think it's a Model 23A

It's a bolt action and has a Weaver K 2.5 scope on it. I'd say that both rilfe and scope are at least 60 years old or more. The Scope is super clear and bright. I'd say the rifle about a 8.5 out of 10 in condition and is missing the magazine, the scope is 8 out of 10.

I'll post a few pics of it ASAP.

So do I do home restore on it or have a pro do it? I have no cule what it's worth if anything. I just want it to look as good as it can and shoot well. I could care less if it's worth $1000 or $1. But if it is worth something I don't want to kill the value of it with a home restore.

So what do I do?
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Not sure. Asking around a place like this is a good way to find out if it's collectible. Either way, it's sure to be a solid gun and a good shooter.

My dad has had an Savage 20ga/.222 break-apart since forever. It wasn't particularly valuable back then, and has long since been re-chambered to .223 for the sake of cheap ammo. It's a nice solid gun with decent bluing. Wood grain is plain, but solid.
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