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Which gun? (I know, lame question)

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Ok, I have a chance to get 20% off any one gun sold at Wal-Mart (So that limits my choices right there..), and I can't decide what to get. My current top choices are either the Remington 11-87 (simply because it's a semi-auto shotgun, I already have a Benelli Nova), a Remington 710, or a Remington 7400.

I'm really leaning towards the 7400 because it's semi-auto, and it's a rifle, but it's a bit more than the 710, and the 710 includes a scope (not a huge deal, but it's not a bad scope, either).

One of my main deciding factors is, which one would be easier to maintain? I'm used to my Nova, where I spend an hour (or however long) at the range destroying paper, take the barrel off (which I have to do to fit it in my case anyways), run a Boresnake through it a couple times, and go home happy (and quite a bit poorer, as well). :)

Another important thing is price, because I have far too many things I want/need to buy, and not enough money to go around. :lol: As I said, the 710 is a bit cheaper than the 7400.

Ammo cost isn't really an issue at this point, because I don't get to go to the range terribly often, and I get a discount on it anyways. If anyone is interested though, (and assuming I remember correctly) for the 7400, I can choose between 30-06 and .270, and for the 710, I believe they only have it in .270... Not positive though.

I think I like the feel of the 710 better, but I haven't shot either one of them (obviously), or held them that much...

So, which one should I get? :D (Yes, I'm a noob for asking a question like that)
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jamz said:
What do you want to use it for?

Personally I'd grab a Ruger 10/22 in whatever configuration gives you the best barrel, and use it as a customization base. Cheap to start out with, too!
Stock barrels are ok, but if you get into upgrading that 10/22 you'll probably be replacing the barrel before too long. The main things of value in a stock 10/22 is the receiver and bolt. Because of the weird way 10/22 barrels dovetail into the receiver, barrel-mounted scopes are the way go to. That means getting an aftermarket bbl.
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