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Which gun? (I know, lame question)

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Ok, I have a chance to get 20% off any one gun sold at Wal-Mart (So that limits my choices right there..), and I can't decide what to get. My current top choices are either the Remington 11-87 (simply because it's a semi-auto shotgun, I already have a Benelli Nova), a Remington 710, or a Remington 7400.

I'm really leaning towards the 7400 because it's semi-auto, and it's a rifle, but it's a bit more than the 710, and the 710 includes a scope (not a huge deal, but it's not a bad scope, either).

One of my main deciding factors is, which one would be easier to maintain? I'm used to my Nova, where I spend an hour (or however long) at the range destroying paper, take the barrel off (which I have to do to fit it in my case anyways), run a Boresnake through it a couple times, and go home happy (and quite a bit poorer, as well). :)

Another important thing is price, because I have far too many things I want/need to buy, and not enough money to go around. :lol: As I said, the 710 is a bit cheaper than the 7400.

Ammo cost isn't really an issue at this point, because I don't get to go to the range terribly often, and I get a discount on it anyways. If anyone is interested though, (and assuming I remember correctly) for the 7400, I can choose between 30-06 and .270, and for the 710, I believe they only have it in .270... Not positive though.

I think I like the feel of the 710 better, but I haven't shot either one of them (obviously), or held them that much...

So, which one should I get? :D (Yes, I'm a noob for asking a question like that)
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Get the 1187. its the best of the remington designs you mentioned. The 710 and 7400 have had various issues, while the 1187 is a proven field gun that few can find anything to bitch about. I know that wal mart can special order guns to from ther website so you can check on that. If that is the case and the discount still applies look into the Browning Godl guns.
Maintaining an 11-87 is easy. I clean my Remington 1100 mag(the predecessor to the 1187) about once ever 400 rounds and I just wipe out the reciever and oil, and take some carb cleaner to the gas piston and wipe the action clean. take a about 15 minutes.

Wal Mart can order a Steyr? Not according to the webiste. Well hell go for that then.

Other than that look into a Browning BAR or A Bolt.
Well it isnt going to be any different than your benelli. Just open the action up and make sure you get the oil on the bolt rails. Dont put any on any of the gas system since it will help collect carbon residue.
Its easy...if you dont want oil, then use dry lube. You should always have some sort of lube on your moving parts.
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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