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The product was/is the Under Cover Comfort holster shirt and I'd posted about it in an 'OT Gun Nuts' thread over at OT.

That thread was toward deep cover concealed carry products & techniques toward situations I run into such as biking, kayaking, going to business and social meetings where 'cover' is not realistic/feasible, and comfortable carry while otherwise moving my body in a vigorous way such as dancing, exercising/jogging, and pretty much any other situation where conventional concealed carry with a IWB holster just won't work.

Unfortunately haters and knuckleheads flew into that thread and took it off track with all manner of moronic and completely ignorant commentary toward oh why do you need that and who needs to carry a gun while riding a live in a [quote fingers]safe area[/quote fingers] type conversation.
If you run a search at OT toward my name and IIRC keyword 'Goblin' that thread should come up. I'd posted a number of alternative holster products that I'd found and was then and still up to 2 weeks ago researching toward my own application.

At the end of the day I choose to go with the UCC product ahead of several other competing holster shirt products as well as the SmartCarry and the CameBak 'Goblin' too. The reasons are numerous and I'll share those with you in a subsequent post if it's something you would like to know.

In the meantime though there is an excellent long running thread that has been running over at (formerly CombatCarry) as started and updated by a long time UCC product user who is a real world non-mall ninja Federal law enforcement officer that uses and highly suggests the UCC product, with vigor.
I won't say more to that as you can read in his own words his own description toward his again real world use of this product.
The following are two threads in specific that I would suggest as reading from the user who goes by the name 'fed_wif_a_sig':

* "UC Comfort in action"

He also even went so far as to make a video showing how the shirt works and what number of items he can carry (extreme!) comfortably:
1ea Sig 229
2ea Sig 229 magazines
1ea expandable batton
1ea Spyderco knife
1ea Surefire Executive flashlight
1ea pair of titanium hinged handcuffs
1ea tube of OC Spray

Another thread there that he has been involved with and described in gross detail the use of this product amongst other users doing same is this, and it's significantly shorter/quicker to read than the first thread for those who don't have the patience for reading crap as I do:

* UCComfort On You Tube

I will warn you that the website for this company is completely sketchy in layout and setup. They run multiple domains against .net and .com and have IIRC three .com domain names that all vary to some degree in content and layout but essentially tell the same product marketing tale. They also have some IMHO somewhat cheesy secondary products available that as a whole frankly leaves me thinking; 'What are they thinking about!....Are these people serious?!...This is yet another reason why it's so damn tough for small businesses thanks to perceptions alone due to operations like this!'.

Read my last post at the first thread as I detail my own experiences in trying to order this product.
I don't know guys, it's coming off to me this company as being very much sketchy even as the product in specific itself by all pointers appears to work and work well.
Funny thing though, I work by profession with product and amongst that do _a lot_ of work post 9/11 toward law enforcement, military, and para-military products and tools. As well I know a lot of people from both ends of the spectrum be they buyers & end users/operators to dealer/distributors, resellers, and industry product marketers. As always when thinking to spend my hard earned I was not born with a money tree money on some product or service I did my homework and checked around. I came across no one who was familiar with this product as an actual user first hand. I talked to 5 real people who I thought would or should know about this item due to their profession and associations and not one of them had ever seen muchless used one. But (!) four of them had said they have heard about it and were intrigued but not enough to spend their own money or that of their employer on the item. They asked that I let them know what I discover and decide, buy or no buy.

This for me is a double whammy as I am genuinely interested toward my own use which is how the project started. It's now though developed asper a phone call I made to become work associated as well as a client of my company that is a huge dealer/distributor and long time client of mine has taken a tad bit of interest upon me contacting the marketing mgr. to inquire about the product, and they now having become aware of it might maybe reach out to the vendor to see about setting up a distribution deal. They are looking to me to see if I like the product and that was a part of my decision prcoess to go ahead and submit my order last week on the 21st. This frankly could be huge for them, the UCC people, because my client they are hugemongous and entrenched in the specific marketplace being an 800 lb. gorilla.
Normally during my posts on forums I try to stay away from discussing stuff that maybe work related or more specifically pitching (or knocking) product/services that I may be aware of directly due to my work. It's a matter of ethics and in many cases agreements toward confidentiality.
This product case is what I've indicated and right now I can and will talk toward it as they are not yet directly for real work involved.

Well I know that was a tad bit more than what you had expected or asked for DY but knowing the work that you do and who you are I felt it better to provide you with more than less. I hope this has been of some benefit and when/if my own actual product does arrive you can bet I'll be posting a review of the product in detail.


- Janq ordered a '3XH'

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Janq just shot this thread in the duodenum.

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I'm still evaluating it and doing field testing but to help you out, preliminarily it has so far worked exactly as advertised.

A brief mini-review...

* It hides very well as a 'holster' under outerwear even relatively thin t-shirts.
* The multiple pockets front and side are very handy for retaining pens, illuminators, spare magazines, and I even tried my cell phone. Position siad items in a mirror before leaving the house and they will most likely stay in place. The cell phone being a bit bulky did move but mine is an old school flip i60c. A modern phone weighs and is sized half as much as mine.
* The material seems to me to be durable and lasting. As well I think they must have treated it with an anti-microbial. I purposefully wore it for 5 days everyday around the house and just dottering around town doing my normal day to day adventures. No funk, no nothing. It stayed smelling as it had when new. Impressive. I tossed it in the washing machine afterward as ours has a 'hand wash' setting that is super gentle. If you don't have this then the mfr. strongly suggests handwashing. For the lazy, just wear it into the shower and lather it up with it on your body. Rinse, remove, let hang dry.
My washer dried it out pretty good with it's spin cycle. A half day of air drying and it was ready to roll.
* I'd tried it around the house and outside playing with my kids. No problems but a few bulges largely due to my own adapting to how to place the firearm in the holster optimal for my body type.
I then got brave and wore it out for the first time off my property and did so to a formal dress function I had to attend roughly 3 wks. ago. I wore a full suit with a dress hirt, all of which are tailored and european fit. High risk!
It worked. I bloused my shirt at the waist a tad to buy myself some additional room in the chest. I am wider than I am thick. I'm a lean guy and as such a normal item like a shoulder holster would be impossible to hide on my current frame. This though worked out well. I left two buttons undone the secnd and third from the top for ease of access hidden behind my tie.
I spent four hours at this function schmoozing with folk with my jacket off standing and sitting and some lady spontaneously decided to hug me (OH NO!!!) but she was much shorter then ame and didn't even brush it.
I got home and Mrs. Janq hadn't noticed either, untill I took my outershirt off. After that she laughed at me upon saying "What's that?!".

* I do not like the v-neck material.
It's there to prevent chafing and that's fine, but it's too thick. It causes thinner over shirts to lift and look unnatural. I'll be removing it with a stitch breaker.
* The holster tie down snaps marred the finish on top of the slide of the new SA. Not really a big deal considering it'll see regular holster wear, but still I was bummed. I'll be placing tape on those buttons for the future.

That's about it.
I still don't quite yet trust it and am working on ways to support this device on my own body.
I think this product would be excellent for a person who is large in the upper body and chest area. Someone with a good amount of depth to their chest and rib cage area. I'm not built that way which means I have to be very careful with this product in so far as placement of the firearm so as to not leave bulges.

For the price paid it's a good value IMHO.
I'd like to put more miles on it to be 100% sure but at this point my feeling is it's a useful product of value.

- Janq

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I'm leaning towards the 5.11 shirt that someone posted in the first few posts...I want something that looks like a T-shirt, so I can wear it jogging. Mostly the area I live in is nice, but there's one part of a path I run on that concerns me.

A few times I've run past some young ne'er-do-well looking fellows and wished I'd had more than a dog leash...especially last Tuesday when I rolled my ankle pretty bad and it took me longer to get home, and as such was walking down this path after dark and passed a group of 3 who really made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. I'd forgotten to take my Rolex off before running, and was feeling vulnerable with it on, so I tied it to the string on my shorts and tucked it in. I dunno if that helps, but I FELT like I was less of a likely target because I was in a grubby t-shirt and running shorts. But I felt like MORE of a target because I was limping and could barely walk....

I was definitely wishing I'd had my G27.
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