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I intend to get a new rifle in the near future (how near depends no how expensive. ;) ), and was trying to find another place to look at my options. I don't intend to actually order from them, because I can order whatever I decide on locally. I'm just looking for a place to drool over my options until I come to a decision. Anyone have any links? The only place I've looked at is ImpactGuns, but their site sucks.

As long as the link provides pictures, prices, and manufacturer listings, it'll work.

On the subject of new guns, what do you guys recommend I look at? I'm looking for a long rifle (obviously) that's easy to maintain (that is a requirement), should be semi-auto, and somewhat affordable. (I'm hoping to keep it under $1,500, but since I have almost no bills to speak of, that's not necessarily a requirement.) Oh, and it must look cool. :)

I was also considering a Saiga 12, or waiting a couple months and getting a handgun I like (Sig P226 in 9mm is coolness), but... I do already have a shotgun, and I'm not a huge fan of pistols.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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