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Where do you shoot at?

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Where does everyone here shoot? I am new to guns and didn't grow up in a house with guns. I live in a very populated suburb of Chicago and there are only a couple gun ranges/clubs in the area and most seem private or at least semi private. My wife's grandparents have some land past the last suburbs and have said he said they would show me the ropes with my cousin-in-law who is pretty experienced.. What do you have to know when shooting on private land?

Thanks for helping a n00b, and be gentle, I feel like the guys with the hood scoop plug :p
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That was me ^ I didn't realize I was posting as a guest, not used to such an open forum! Figured I was logged in since it was letting me post!
All you really need to know is where the nearest houses are and where there is a safe backstop to shoot into, like a hill, bank or tree.
It totally depends on your local laws and if your area is generally firearms-freindly or not.

I shoot a few miles from my house, at a gravel pit down a long dirt road (you need a truck or 4x4 to get there). We sort of share the area with ATV'ers and bike people. In fact, that reminds me, I'm just assuming it's okay to shoot there, judging by the amount of shot-up stuff, targets and shells on the ground. :lol: I still have to call the local PD and ask them if there is any local law or regulation about shooting there.

Other than that. I'm still a member at the Massachusetts Rifle Association in Woburn MA (Oldest gun club in the US!) They have a nice heated, well lit, well ventilated indoor range for the wintertime.

Only problem is, they are a little tight-assed with the rules, and there are cameras everywhere.
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