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Worst I ever got was a black eye and a nasty cut from stripping an SKS with the bolt on the catch.... well... those of you that work with SKS rifles Im sure you already know what im talking about by now... because I took that rear pin out of that recever top and FHOOM!! right in the face that half pound chunk of iron nailed me and gave me a nice cut over my eye I had to get a stitch in and a black eye for a long time. Yea... I did it another time to... heh this time I broke a window and all the way outside.. :laugh:

Yes use saftey glasses when cleaning guns those small springs can shoot some parts very fast.

My friend had an discharge with a Mossberg 500 12Ga because the idiot was holding the trigger when he racked it (As far as I know the Mossbergs have been the only ones I have found to be able to do this, but it makes for some fun rapid fire) anyways it and made a nice new window in his wall going all the way outside...

OH and I was in a gun store when someone had an AD right into the floor near me with a .45, the guy in the back of the store thats a cop ran out there with his weapon drawn yelling at him to drop the gun and the retard kept moveing it around pointing it at everyone trying to figure out what happened.. lucky it was all rug and a HP round or it would have bounced and nailed my leg.... Would not have been the first time I have been hit with a bounce back... damn steel core 5.56mm bounce all over.....
1 - 1 of 24 Posts
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