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What was your worst gun related mistake?

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I've had 2 AD's One was a Colt Gold Cup that did a double tap on me at the gun range while target shooting, I got part of the range ceiling with the 2nd shot.

The other was a "cheney like" incident , a side by side shot gun bird hunting.
It had exposed hammers , no safety other than keeping your fingers out of the triggers.
Done hunting trying to unload weapon, had to bring hammers down to break open the action to get the shells out. I was holding exposed hammer with thumb while pulling trigger to release the hammer. Well I hit the wrong trigger! Boom! Thankfully I was following a few of the safety rules and had the muzzle pointing up in air away from anything or one.......

Learn from your mistakes and others!
Not buying the case of 25 double date lugers from a guy for 450 bucks a piece when I had the chance. They were unissued with no imports and all 1920's and 30's produced. I could have made a ton and kept a couple for myself. :(
Worst gun-related mistake I made was when I pulled my .357 Magnum revolver out one night and had an AD in my room...

My hearing was kinda funky for a while after that, and I spent days looking for where the bullet went... I did eventually find it though, lodged about halfway through my copy of the Complete Kama Sutra! Ironically, it ended up in the section titled "On Living Alone"! :shock: Fortunately, that wasn't an omen or anything, and I've been a LOT more careful since...

Filthy Rich :twisted:

Do you have tinnitis now?
Not really a gun mistake in the way that you're asking about, but a mistake involving one of my guns none the less. I was practicing field stripping my new SigPro the other day and was holding the grip with my right hand and the front of the slide with my left hand. Well, like an idiot I didn't pay attention and let the slide slip out of my left hand. I pinched the skin of my thumb pretty bad and got one hellova blood blister, and even worse, my silver ring on my left hand put a nice fine scratch in the slide from the chamber opening to the muzzle. Had I put this scratch in her actually using her, it would be no biggie. But to scratch it when it's brand new while cleaning it kinda erks me. :x

jamz said:

Do you have tinnitis now?
:: Begins his usual inadvertent Little John act :: Hwat? Hwat? Okayee!

Nah, I was pretty much deaf before that :laugh: Well, not really...

Thankfully I made a full recovery from that incident! My book, on the other hand...

Filthy Rich
That was odd... Why did it put my post in under the name "Guest"?
Great, now even the internet doesn't recognize me...

Filthy Rich :twisted:
This wasn't really that much of a mistake, but it almost went on my record as an AD (Now we call them "Negligent Discharges" in the military, AD isn't PC enough). Ok, to get this out right now, I'm VERY arachnophobic. Once when I was in the middle east, we set up an OP (observation point) out in the middle of the desert. It was about 1AM, and I was getting tired, so I decided that I should walk around the humvee a little bit to get active so I could stay awake when out of nowhere, I see a camel spider darting towards my general direction. I don't know if any of you have ever seen one, but they're fucking HUGE and ugly and they scare the shit out of me. I do the logical thing to do in that situation, well, logical for me anyway, I drew my M9 and put half my magazine at it. I say "at" because I didn't hit it once and just managed to scare it off. I did manage to get everyone at the OP's attention though, as I had 6 people show up REAL quick all ready to rock asking what the fuck was going on. After I explained it to them, my platoon sergeant was threatening to put it on my record as an ND. My defense was that not a single shot fired was negligent or accidental, as every time I pulled the trigger I damn well meant to. I'm just happy that my squad leader was cool, he managed to talk my way out trouble for me. Well, that's my story. Not too good a story, but I've never had an AD and that's the only time I've been in a situation where I could be blamed for one, or several if you're going to be anal about it.
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Here's a couple of camel spiders for reference...

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hahaha Shad that's a good story. i agree that none of your shots were either accidental or negligent. that fucker had it coming :p
Hahaha, had what coming? A bunch of new 9mm sized spider holes in the sand nearby? :lol: ;)
While cleaning my GSR I once lost control of the slide return spring in that specific gun has a bit of pressure going on behind it.
The spring went flying and bonked me good in the cheek.

Scared the piss out of me.

From that time on I always wear my glasses when cleaning guns.
I'd always heard prior that it's a smart thing to do but never paid it too much mind untill that instance.
Otherwise I'm uber careful when handling firearms as I still haven't lost my fear (respect) for what they can do if mishandled.

- Janq
Worst I ever got was a black eye and a nasty cut from stripping an SKS with the bolt on the catch.... well... those of you that work with SKS rifles Im sure you already know what im talking about by now... because I took that rear pin out of that recever top and FHOOM!! right in the face that half pound chunk of iron nailed me and gave me a nice cut over my eye I had to get a stitch in and a black eye for a long time. Yea... I did it another time to... heh this time I broke a window and all the way outside.. :laugh:

Yes use saftey glasses when cleaning guns those small springs can shoot some parts very fast.

My friend had an discharge with a Mossberg 500 12Ga because the idiot was holding the trigger when he racked it (As far as I know the Mossbergs have been the only ones I have found to be able to do this, but it makes for some fun rapid fire) anyways it and made a nice new window in his wall going all the way outside...

OH and I was in a gun store when someone had an AD right into the floor near me with a .45, the guy in the back of the store thats a cop ran out there with his weapon drawn yelling at him to drop the gun and the retard kept moveing it around pointing it at everyone trying to figure out what happened.. lucky it was all rug and a HP round or it would have bounced and nailed my leg.... Would not have been the first time I have been hit with a bounce back... damn steel core 5.56mm bounce all over.....
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bassplayrr said:
Here's a couple of camel spiders for reference...

That is a really misleading picture. That is two camel spiders, and they are not bigger than the guy's hanging sleeve. I think it's about the size of a person's palm. You are lucky that the camel spider didn't come back with it's buddies.
Those two aren't really that big for camel spiders. The camera angle is quite misleading. When you get into the open desert, they get monstrous. The large ones are about 6-7 inches leg tip to leg tip. Also, they technically aren't even spiders, they're a breed of scorpion. But still, TINY household spiders scare the shit out of me, so imagine what that would do to me. Either way, those things are way bigger than the average spider by a longshot. Can't remember which site it is, but there's a video out there that has a camel spider on a wall holding a decent sized lizard up in the air eating it. That one gives you a pretty good idea what the big ones look like. They're not the dinner plate sized monsters that you hear about, but they're still pretty fucking scary when you're afraid of little spiders.
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Worst experience was a buddy of mine's 30-30, we were getting ready to go hunting, I'm on the passanger side of the truck tieing my boots next thing I know I'm face first in the dirt, felt like someone hit me with a bat. Here He was loading the tube of his lever action and a round went off in the tube. Went into the truckbed on the drivers side. fragged into 4 pieces 2 going through the back window. 1 coming through the passanger side and hitting the tire and the forth coming the whole way through both sided of the truck bed and catching me in the back of the right shoulder. I was bent over tieing my boot so i just got a bullet burn on my back starting about a foot below my shoulder running up and off my shoulder, 4" to the left it would,ve ran into the the back of the head.
Well, I did nto do it, but it could have killed me...

My American Revolution reenactment group were lading cartriges at the unit commanders house about a decade ago. We had a 50 pound bag of black powder that was just opened as we had finished our last cans of powder. Instead of loading from the bag, we put the powder in to metal 1 pound cans so there was less a chance for catastophic accidents. Then the bag was put back in storage, and the individual musket cartridges were loaded from the smaller cans.

Anyhow, lunchtime came and we took a break before filling the empty 1 pound cans from the 50 pound bag. Some powder had spilled on the floor, so one of the people volenteered to vacum it up. I sat down to eat my chilli, watching the big bag of powder a few feet away. The vacum started, the the person sweeping the floor ran over the cord. The cord shorted and two HUGE sparks shot out. One of them arched directly over the 50 pound bag of powder, bounced off the wall, and smothered itself on the floor. Only I and the person vacumming the floor saw it happen. However, everyone knew something bad had just gone down as I am told I lost every bit of color my face had.

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Today I had my first AD wih a firearm...and I'm very upset

Janq said:
...Otherwise I'm uber careful when handling firearms as I still haven't lost my fear (respect) for what they can do if mishandled.
Preface: This is a long old school Janq post.
So be forewarned and there will be no CN but there are lessons.

I went to the range today my first chance to get away from the house, family and life in general in four weeks. I'd actually had to bag out of a family relative of Mrs. Janq's, that I like, who was out this way all the way from NYC. I'd already planned since Tuesday to go shooting this weekend but that got bumped from Saturday to Sunday as due to Mrs. Janq asking me to move three rooms and reconfigure two of those to support television due to friends of hers & BabyJanq's coming to visit. I spent damn ner 18 hrs. workig on that yesterday including multiple trips to the hardware store and I was up to 3AM this morning running coax to make everything work.
So this morning I slept in to 1PM and woke up tired to BabyJanq being sick and tossing her cookies, the dog acting up because he's entering the teenage days, Mrs. Janq crrying because BabyJanq is sick and didn't sleep much last night so therefor neither did she and her uncle will be here in an hour can I go feed, water & walk the dog. Oh, and can you bring in the table from the carriage house it's too heavy and I cdon't know where the handcart (it's in the attic entryway...where it and the ladder always is).
So anyway I'm tired, mentally drained from work (regular work that is), badly in need of an escape, and all I want to do is to focus on a front sight for an hour and hear nothing but my own thoughts and a loud, POP.

I walk into the range where I'm a member and right off the two regular employees recognize me right off the bat. They both recall I haven't been there in a month and even remember that the day I was there it was stupid busy with non member rentals and that I voluntarily stopped my session short to allow others time to shoot/train. Wow, I'd forgotten as much is what I thought to myself.
So I take my favorite lane far right against the wall and far away from everyone else. I nod and say "hello" to the rangemaster of the day and because I'm a formal guy I ask him if he minds that I take the far right lane even as it's my norm, and I know he recognizes me and knows as much, and he says okay even though he's got all lanes open and is spread a tad thin working alone. I take the lane, unpack my kit, and today am traning with just the SA Commander and the Colt 'Defender' (Officer) both of which I walked in with on my person CCW'ing. Why? For no other reason that I could by my rights in MA I'm allowed to do so. I'd actually planned to wear my Blade-Tech OWB custom rig for my GSR too in honor of the 'how many guns can you carry' thread but thought against it in fear of having to run a gauntlet of goodbye hugs from the uncle, Mrs. Janq and BabyJanq too none of which like guns at all and to date don't know or never know (Mrs. Janq) if I might be carrying. More on that in another thread. So I had a great hour to myself hitting right at point of aim even out to 50' with the SA and teraing large singular ragged holes with the Colt even as conventional wisdom and internet fact is that it's damn near impossible to be accurate with a lightweight .45 as the recoil is punishing [lweak forearm having pussies!] and/or that less than 4" 1911's don't function reliably [bullshit]. So yeah okay, I had to move places twice because of issues with the range equipment but i walked out feeling good. I packed up my kit like normal, locked the ILS on the Defender and packed it away in my kit box (a normal everyday tool box), locked it to be doubly MA legal and common sensical, placed the SA in my Beltser and bounced out the door upon a brief convo wishing the rangemaster and counter guys a good week.
Afterward I call home to see how things are going, I've only been gone an hour 20 minutes and I'm 20 minutes away. The response is BabyJanq barfed, twice, the dog is acting crazy and her uncle left 15 minutes ago...can I go to the store to goe forzen lasagna (veggie only), apple sauce (no sugar added), and saltine crackers as well as somethign for me to eat as mrs. Janq doesn't feel up to making diner.

45 minutes later after standing in a stupid long line manned by Shamique Holdsclaw's slow motion moving daughter I get home to chaos. The dog is in his pen but the pen is in the area of the main entrance a good 30' away from where it normally is. BabyJanq has barfed again into what she calls her "throw up bucket" (a tupperware bowl), and Mrs. Janq looks like shit although I'd never tellher as much because well, why? So I unload the groceries, remove my locked toolbox from the truck storage area, and I head down to the basement to unload my kit.
Now to be specific in my basement there is this little room built above ground that was during the turn of the century a toilet closet for the servants to use near what was then the servants kitchen. All the equipment and such has been long ago removed by previous owners but the wet room remains. I've been using it as of late to stors my firearms, ammo, magazines and related kid unsafe stuff because it has a hasp on the door allowing me to lock it all up and be withing the letter of MA law. I used to use a closet a floor above right off the dining room but stopped doing so as I kept being walked in on by BabyJanq wanting to play or asking what I'm doing.

This is where the oddest shit happened.
I unpack my toolbox removing the ILS locked Defender and placing it back into it's case, also locked because I prefer to err on the side of caution. Then this is where things get surreal...
I recall lifting my shirt to remove the secondary magazine I always carry when CCW. It was a full rounds in a factory Colt magazine. I then remove the SA. I hear crying upstairs and the damn dog is moving the pen around because I can hear it moving around on the floor above. I look down at the SA and notice that it has no magazine loaded (?)! My first concious hought is OMG! I dropped a mag at the Super Stop & Shop!1! Then I think to myself no thats not possible it defies logic toward how the SA itself and the mage release works. I then begin in my mind tracing backward my steps through the grocery store, the car, the range and POP!

My ears are ringing and I smell gun powder and the room where I'm standing is slightly cloudy. I hear a high pitched ringing that on it's own is dimming albeit slowly. I look down at my hands and note the SA has a stove piped round in the chamber and my finger is on the trigger. Thats when I notice the hole in the floor of the closet which iotherwise is a field of painted grey wood. The hole is at an agle and is roughly the 5/8" of an inch wide a perfect circle in shape. It doesn't look newly formed though. My concious brain begins to theorize that that hole was always there even as I have no recall of it and know that I'm excellent at noticing even the most subtle of things. I've never seen that hole.
I place the gun down on the floor locked back. I'm totally stunned as to what just happened, but my brain tells me to run a systems check. Be sure I'm not hit and am not in shock. Like a child I jump up to test my foot, which was just 4 inches left of the mysterious hole, only to bash my head hard into the floor joists above. I think to myself "Fuck!" though as yet not a word escapes my mouth. Old school traning from back in the day thanks to dad, show no sign of pain, discomfort, shock or fear. Remian stoic even smile (toward your enemy) if possible. Old habits, and skills, truly are hard to shake. I then think woa that was probably loud as hell even if from all the way dwon here and unusual. Likely they heard that on the first floor. Play it off is my next concious thought. So I leave the weapon on the floor, lock up the door, and begin slamming every door in the basement and stompnig around. I knock over one of many spare interior doors leaning against a wall to the ground making a huge racket. I then go outside via one of the back doors and make more racket opening and closing doors. Meanwhile my mind is racing. What the fuck just happened? Am I hit? I feel okay but that might be my pain threshold which is very high or simply adrenalin. Relax is what i tell myself. This time I stand by the truck in the driveway and physically check myself for a wound. I come up empty. Thank God, Imight be able to sell this is what I think. I go back into the house through the basement and go back into the locked storage room. I put the gun away in it's case and lock it as I normally would the ILS and the case itself. I count and recount my magzines 5 times to find I'm not missing one at all. Imust have holstered the weapon while on 'auto-pilot', released the mag to top it off as I normally would but then placed it in my spare mag hoder slot of the belt rather than topping it of, replacing it, and loading a second magazine. This has never happened to me before in over 25 yrs. of weapon handling. I did once have an AD with my paintball marker but that doesn't count as the trigger system was electronic and someone who handled it prior had left it set to on.

I went back upstirs and Mrs. Janq asked what was I doing down stairs.
I told her that I was checking on the boiler draining it off and refilling it as well as taking some trash outside. It worked and I moved on to resolving the dog issue.
Jebus...! I go back to the basement and with my flaslight trace the hole through the floor into another board adjacent to it. I don't find the bullet though, nothing but a black gunposwder smear mark on the floor. My ears rang fo three hours afterward.
The lessons I've learned here are do not ever go into auto pilot mode. Upon being stunned by the missing magazine thing I subconconcously attemted to lower the hammer on an empty chamber as I would normally do using ne hand to brake the hammer and the other to pull the trigger. Only this time it wasn't empty. I totally skipped the part where I cycled the slide thrice and check the bore to be sure it's clear. Stupidly I did just that after the AD, when it was too late to do anything.

Another lesson I've learned is that AD can happen to anyone, even those like me who normally are "uber careful whne handling firearms" and that haven't lost their fear (respect) for what they can do if mishandled.

- Janq
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