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What to do???

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I'm considering taking the necessary class(es) for a Delaware CCW, but I'm not afraid I'd go through the training ($$), submit the paperwork ($) and then get denied for some idiotic reason that the prothonotary reviewer can cook up, and then have to wait for a period and then re-take the training ($$ again), re-submit the paperwork ($ again), and then possibly have a slightly better chance at being granted a CCW "With Restrictions". Hmm what to do?
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suck it up

at least you live in a shall issue state
mwink822 said:
DE is a MAY ISSUE STATE (Title 11 Delaware Code, Section 1441[a]), hence my uncertainty as to whether to apply now or wait until I finish law school in three years.

shall, may, might, could, should - at least its not a WONT issue state!

come on - how much cash are we really talking about here a couple of $100's tops?

the question might be - how much expendable cash do you have?

if you are going to skip the rent or electric to go to class - well you should know the correct answer to that.
honestly - what do you do for a living?

if you deal with alot of cash and/or own your own business it might be easier than say a factory job with direct deposit

where in the state are you located? New Castel, Kent or Sussex county?

next time you slip past dover - slide into Shooter's Choice and ask to talk to Dave

(302) 736-5166
5105 N Dupont Hwy
Dover, DE
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mwink822 said:
I'm a youngin'. I'm 21, but with the type of work I do it may or may not help to negate that, I work as a paralegal for a defense attorney who was up until last year when he brought me on board to help open up shop, the chief prosecutor for New Castle County. That being said, I don't deal with a clientelle that's made up of what you would call model citizens, and yes I do handle quite a lot of cash since none of our clients seem to have checking accounts through any real financial institution. You do have a good point in consulting a state trooper Janq.

Dave over at Shooters used to be DE State Police - Range officer, SWART Captin, ect ect.

If he cannot help you - i would rest assured that he can point you in the right direction.

If you hit a road block - let me know and i will make a few calls back east to see who in New Castle you can talk to.

I can assume you reside in Wilminton or at least Newark?
mwink822 said:
I live in Newark, but my office is in downtown Wimington about a quarter mile outside of Crackheads R Us.

yep - know right where that is

some of the wilmington police are a little scetchy - so i wouldnt speak to them about it.

let me know if you have any troubles with Dave - he is a great guy and ubber knowledgable
Janq said:
21 is IMHO old enough and being a professional as your are if you have no other 'exclusions' and if possible a letter of recommendation from your boss or some other person of repute then well a sesnisble apolitical person should have no problem rubber stamping you.

That is of course in a somewhat ideal world. :|
Take an NRA or state offered CCW course and include a copy of that certificate with your application just to add to your resume of items indicating you are a good & rational citizen.

Best of luck!

- Janq

excelent point - alomst forgot to mention

take the states "hunters safety" course first - show a progression of firearms classes

also - find out who in your county stamps the CCW permits and I will ask my fam about them and see what the their take is on it

i cant remember if its the state trooper colonel or someone else - it might have to go to head quaters for stamping
what kinda of sponsor does DE look for?

a state trooper, small business owner, fbi, ag or assist ag, govenor, senator - who?

one of my family members runs the state agency DELJUS

my deceased grandfather was a retired state trooper, my cousins hubby used to be a trooper also

i have lots of connections in DE - just let me know if you need a hand
mwink822 said:
Cool. I have quite a lot of connections through the boss man too, but they're all judges and Deputy AG's. There are also some connections through granddad who is a retired WPD officer. But they more the merrier. Right now I think that the general concensus is to get as much training and CYA material as possible before submitting the application. Great to know there are some people that acknowledge that I'm not a 21 year old idiot wanting to walk around with a gun strapped on his hip. To be honest, I'm really just interested in getting one on the off chance that I do have to take a stroll through Crackheads R Us or have to walk around with a large sum of cash when I'm on the way to the bank to make the weekly deposits.

did u say cash?

well that will be your in - all the folks that i know who have a de ccw that arent LEO's or CO, ect ect all have a cash business -

making large cash deposits - that is a very important factor that you absolutely need to mention on your application when it comes time

i had a pretty good childhood - i have been to "drive up" court where the judge comes out of his chambers or court room to the freakin window to dismiss my traffic ticket

got a personal letter of expungement and release from the AG - until the offical paperwork was completed

yea - i left behind a lot of perks when i left DE

dont get me wrong - i still took my licks, only when i was between a rock and a hard place did my fam lend a hand

unless the cop was just plain wrong

i also had inside intell - like not to drink in dewey beach cause that is how the town made it yearly budget, from open container citations - no matter what happend you were guilty

now they make fun of me - cause in az if you screw up, you get to wear a pair of pink panties!

honestly - give dave a call, he is a great guy and i used to lifeguard at the beach with his son
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mwink822 said:
Okay, I'm taking the DE CCW class in May. I must ask though. I have a Kimber Eclipse Target II and that's the only handgun that I personally own. I anticipate being able to get the CCW permit in that I have some reputable "sponsors" lined up and I have a pretty good reason to carry (cash business), but I need to know, what's the most effective carry point to conceal a full size 1911. I'm sort of thinking small of the back, but at about 4 o' clock inside the waist band seems like it would be doable too

janq - he is the man with the 1911

search some post's by him - there is a belt that he is particularly fond of

i am a fan of kydex due to the AZ heat - Comp-Tac makes awsome stuff that just disappears under even t-shirt and shorts
mwink822 said:
Got a website for Comp-Tac. Oh, and thanks for the assistance here everyone.

i personally have the C.T.A.C. and the Gurkha

i like the Gurkha better - faster on and off and seems to hide better then the CTAC

the biggest benifit of the CTAC that its completely configurable in almost any position
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mwink822 said:
Thanks for the link. I'll have to deliberate as to whether the CTAC or the Gurkha. Either of the two would be more concealable than the Wilson Combat Tigershark that I presently have. I must ask though, does kydex make the finish on the gun wear faster than a leather holster? That's partly why I sprung for the Wilson Combat holster, suede lined, but that's also before I considered going for a CCW. Any input there?

nope - in fact kydex is supposed to be more forgiving than leather - or at least that is what i heard

honestly - this whole holster wear thing baffles me

mainly because i consider a sidearm a tool and like any tool in the tool box, it will never look as new as the day u bought it
i forgot to mention - the most important part of any carry rig is the gun belt!

you need a really thick and stiff gun belt - believe me, its makes the world of difference!

depending on what your going to wear you can choose between gun leather or Nylon

i personally wear the Wilderness Instructor's belt - it kicks ass
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