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I've tried a lot of stuff over the years - and I usually stick will milspec optics. But, I think my all time favorite is the Mepro 21 with triangle reticle. I've owned 7 over the years. I got one again last year, and I remembered why it was my favorite.

I love that it is battery free (powered by fiber optic in the day, powered by tritium at night). Using the top of the triangle makes for accurate shots. And, if your eyes see "blobs" when you look at a red dot - you don't get that with this amber triangle.

It's pretty indestructible. It's used by the Israeli military as their standard issue optic. They do use the bullseye reticle, which I don't like as much. It covers the entire target. But the triangle reticle is da bomb :)

Here is a rifle I used to have with one on the top rail:

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