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I know this is bad form crossposting in general never mind crossposting from some other forum.
But this is one of those rare times where the end justifies the means.

Be warned the information compiled and presented by the poster is comprehensive so those of you who prefer your information heavily filtered down Cliff Notes style and/or don't have the patience to read even this sentence, well then move along this is not for you.
For those other folks who have read a book at least once in life that had more than one chapter then you'll be fine.

Below is a preview toward what is IMHO the best singular composition of information toward competitive shooting sports that I've ever seen anywhere internet or elsewhere:

Pointman1776 @ said:
So you wanna know what Practical Shooting is all about. You’ve come to the right place! (I hope.)

Bottom line: it’s a sport, it’s fun, it’s exciting, it’s addictive, it has great tangible benefits, it has a great group of fellow participants and spectators, it has televised events, it has superstars, it has world championships, it has "the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat" – it has everything except you!

Important Note! If you are more interested in "combat" training, then you’ll be better served by checking out a training facility like Thunder Ranch, Front Sight, Gunsite, or Blackwater.

But if practical shooting sounds interesting to you, then read on!

In this post, we’ll focus on the fine sport of handgun practical shooting and cover:
1. Definition and Purpose of Practical Shooting
2. Practical Shooting organizations and their differences:
- IPSC: International Practical Shooting Confederation
- USPSA: United States Practical Shooting Association
- IDPA: International Defensive Pistol Association
(Note: there are other Practical Shooting organizations, such as the TSA (Tactical Shooting Association) and The Polite Society, but this post will focus on the big three: IPSC/USPSA and IDPA).
3. Handgun Equipment Divisions and Shooter Classifications within IPSC/USPSA and IDPA
4. Equipment used by shooters at an IPSC/USPSA and IDPA match
5. Range commands
6. Links to practical shooting websites (competitors, equipment manufacturers, more info, etc.)
7. Links to 90+ free video clips to give you an idea of what practical shooting is all about
8. Getting started (finding a match, gearing up, tips and tricks)

First, some important links (we’ll be referring to them frequently):

IPSC Rules = and Handgun Rulebook (January 2006, .PDF format, 0.9MB)

USPSA Rules = January 2004 Edition Handgun Rulebook (.PDF format, 1.4MB) and USPSA Approved Production Handgun List

IDPA Rules = IDPA Rule Book 2005 (.PDF format, 0.5MB)

Also, the ever helpful Wikipedia:
Go here for the full detail with very many links and sources;

- Janq

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USPSA is fun as hell, you don't need a race gun to compete. Any gun with a safe holster and some mags and you're ready to go. My first match, everyone was very helpful. The best tips is to shoot slow and accurate. keep the muzzle downrange at all times and reload while moving instead of while standing.

Find a local match and join up. its a blast
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