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well i have the black rifle disease

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well i have the black rifle disease. i have been planing builds i dont have money for and it sucks. well i have an airsoft gun that i put over 1500 into and about 500 bucks in extra goodies for the outside of it. im still thinking about it but i think i might want to sell it. what do you guys think? a toy gun or a black rifle? it would be a CA legal rifle.

btw heres a pic of it...i still need to get the ris on it...shes custom

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1.5k on an airsoft?

i never got into that, so really not sure what it's all about...but for that same money you could have a nice black rifle.

but hey, if you like it, it's fun, it's your money, why problem with that.

so somebody pls fill me in, is it like paintball but no paint?

or do they also have paint rounds?

me =airsoft noob
1 - 1 of 25 Posts
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