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well i have the black rifle disease

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well i have the black rifle disease. i have been planing builds i dont have money for and it sucks. well i have an airsoft gun that i put over 1500 into and about 500 bucks in extra goodies for the outside of it. im still thinking about it but i think i might want to sell it. what do you guys think? a toy gun or a black rifle? it would be a CA legal rifle.

btw heres a pic of it...i still need to get the ris on it...shes custom

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fatcat said:
Nice airsoft gun to.
thanks..yea class three would be scary to have..."hmm do i need a car or a aks74u" lol
Mach5 said:
Good gawd!!! My AR w/ EOTech didn't cost that!!!
pic of you AR?
the gun and all of the stuff is at my moms house but so far from just using my brain its at $ when i go to my moms and have a chance to look at the stuff more i think it might be over $2000.00
omg i want my M4 to be in multicam!
1 - 6 of 25 Posts
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