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Absolut said:
rhdude said:
Hopefully this OT will be better than the other one that is full of idiots ;)

Hmm, time to go test our posting limits. I see sigs are off, do we have to externally host pics and stuff?
You have to externally host pictures for now, but avatars are on and allow uploading of anything under 100x100. ;)

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Damn Yankee said:
Janq, is that you, or Denzel Washington? ;lol:

and I move that this OT be referred to as as not to confuse it with that other OT...
It was Denzel as 'Creasy' from Man on Fire but I changed my mind and went with a GSR pic instead.
The moniker of "G-OT" I rikey. :D

- Janq
1 - 20 of 45 Posts
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