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Walther PPK Question

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Adler, this question's aimed mostly your way, since I know you love Walther's products like no other and also deal firearms. Whats a good price for a used PPK in very good condition. One of my friends wants to sell his, but doesn't know how much he should sell it for.
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Depends on a few things.

-Who made it? - Pre 1968 Walther PPk's are worth more and are of the best finish and quality. They are the best for shooters and collectors alike

After the 1968 gun import law was put into effect the PPK was banned. This is when Walther entered into a contract licensing Interarms of Virginia to make the PPK over here in America to bypass that importation law. This is also when you get the PPK/S which is German made specifically to bypass the 1968 law. Both are in production simultaneously.

Then there is the S&W made ones which are finished equally to a lesser standard as the Interarms made ones, but they have a multitude of function issues. These will be worth less as well.

-Caliber- For German made ones 380 auto is the rarest, these are marked 9mm Kurz on the slide. For the rest it seems to be that 32acp is the caliber to find. 32acp or 7.65 Browning is the best working caliber anyways.

-Finish- All German ones are originally blued for the most part but a blued american made one is a rare sight since Interarms pushed Stainless pretty hard. For shooters the Stainless will sell quicker but collectors may prefer the blued version.

Need to know all that to ballpark it for you besides what condition it is in
NRA Excellent, Very Good, and so on.

Hope that helps some.
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It's an older German Walther in .32ACP. Blued finish, and the finish and the operating parts of the pistol are in very good condition. My friend is estimating that only about 1,000 rounds have been put through it, total, and after he had me look at it when he was telling me about selling it, I'd say that's a good estimate. This thing could pass as brand new if you didn't know what to look for. His grandfather bought it new, took good care of it and rarely shot it, and gave it to him a couple years ago along with a few other items from his collection. All the parts on it are original.
Id say around 400-450 would be the going rate depending on area for a very good one.
Cool, I'll tell him next chance I get. Thanx for the help.
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