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walther P22

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Hey all. I am not 21 so I am looking to buy a pistol from someone. the gun I am looking for is a walther P22 with the OD green handle and trigger guard. I have one at the gun shop I work at, but I am not 21 so I cannot purchase from them. anyone have one they would be willing to sell for around $250?

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not to sound like an arsehole or anything but there are ATF agents that do shit like this on other forums to lure people into breaking the law and I have seen people get caught by stuff like this. I have had it happen to me on Myspace of all places. All I can say is that have someone like your parents or a friend over 21 get it for you so you can "use" it until your 21 and then can own it. Plus if the person doesnt live in your state they have to send the pistol overnight air which is about 35 bucks and if UPS, FED EX, or anyone finds out that its not going to a dealer it is a felony and they do report you to the BATF.

BTW..I am a walther man but there are better guns for the money in 22lr.
wait so why would it matter If I have to send it to a dealer? that is so that they can run background checks and such on me to make sure I am not a fellon. No problem. and also in Utah I can purchase and carry a handgun as long as it is not from a dealer. I am not sure how it works like that if I have to just buy it directly or something like that.

Does anyone know how that whole purchasing over the internet thing works? I am still a little confused about it.

As far as the gun goes, I am not really worried about the whole "better gun for the money" disscussion. I am going to buy a p22. the first time I bought an airsoft version of it, I fell in love. and then when I was able to shoot the real steel version I was inseparable. and I want the od green because I am also buying an ar 15 with od all over it.

Edit: ohh forgot to tell ya. in utah I can accually have it gifted to me and I will own the gun. unfortunately I don't know anyone that would feel comfortable enough buying it for me knowing how my parents feel about guns. (I still live at home, I know, sad)
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Here is the deal and I am a Dealer so trust me.

if you are going to get one under 21 in your state then it has to be directly handed to you in person. The minute you put a gun in the mail or through some courier it has to be shipped to an FFL holder(federal law, unless you sent the gun out for repair, in that case you can recieve it back directly) to do all the background checks(they will charge an average of 25 bucks for that and when you add in shipping costs you dont always get a deal on a gun over the net). If you do that he wont transfer the gun to you because you are under 21 and since all internet deals have to be shipped in the mail you cant do that.

You also cant legally buy one from someone out of state unless he or shee drives to Utah to hand it to you or yuo go there(and thats iffy on legality since the laws about possession under 21 would have to be the same in both states)

So it looks like you have to find someone to buy it for you and gift it to you in your state.
alright, thanks. I will take that into consideration.
Having your parent buy it for you and give it to you as a 'gift' isn't an option? That's how I got my first handgun when I was 18....I couldn't buy ammo for it though :lol:
blzrd said:
the first time I bought an airsoft version of it, I fell in love. and then when I was able to shoot the real steel version I was inseparable. .

You mean the real zinc version, right? :lol:
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