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Sorry bud no offense was meant about my Airsoft Elite/ICS statement.

ORCA said:
I stay away from Airsoft Elite bb's for 1 simple reason. Airsoft Elite = ICS in the US. If you know anything about the qulaity, or lack of it with ICS products, then you can make the related assumption that maybe they aren't testing their other products the same way.
My statement comes from is the fact that Airsoft Extreme stopped selling Airsoft Elite/ICS products back in 2002-03 due to the fact they were loosing money on these specific product due to bad quality. At that time the ICS brand was private labeled in the US as "Airsoft Elite", so from this BAD experience alot of us personally had with "Airsoft Elite", was basis for my above statement.

As some people like Bruce have mentioned, Airsoft Extreme stands behind everything they sell, even past the standard warranty periods just to make customers happy. So in the case of Airsoft Elite/ICS it just made no sense to continue carrying the line. Airsoft Extreme does carry the ICS accessory lines but not the AEG's anymore. And nothing recently has changed enough to make AEX start carrying these again.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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