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As originally posted at VWVortex Forums:

'Someone tried to car jack me tonight at 8, VW flip key saved me'

I was down at Hopkins tonight in Baltimore to visiting my friend- when I parked my car on 31st (extremely well lit, right off the main street) and when I got out a kid approached me (I won’t get into any specifics since I don’t want to start a racial issue) and asked me for a cigarette since he saw I was smoking. When I looked down and put my hand in my pocket out of nowhere he punched me in the forehead and then in the cheek. I fell against my car and he screamed at me to give him my car keys (I think he said it numerous times). I leaned on my car to get up and when he went to kick me I caught his foot and used it to pull myself aside. I ran away a few steps and pulled out my car keys to try to get back to my car and drive away. He ran towards me while I was fumbling with my keys and tried to punch me again, I side stepped, flipped open my Volkswagen key and punched him in the chest.

We fought for a couple seconds and he wouldn’t let off. Then for some unknown reason I lashed out at him and stabbed him in the arm with my VW key, then I just started stabbing at him and punching. Not sure how many times I stabbed him but I got him in the arm at least twice and in the stomach once. After that he shoved me really hard into the side of my car and started to run away. I ran after him a few steps and then ran to my car, reversed out, blew through the red light and flagged down a Hopkins security SUV a few streets down. The security guard did something on his radio and then drove off down the street to I guess look for the guy(?). Police showed up extremely quickly and searched the entire area. I was brought down to their precinct and had to give a statement and hand over my VW key that had blood on it (which I’ll be contacted on tomorrow). Around 945 the let me go home, fortunately I had my spare key in my glove box (stupid, I know).

I literally got home about 15 minutes ago. I’m not in the mood to call a thousand people so I typed this up. I’m really shaken up by this whole experience. I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to find a way to cope with my anger issues (I used to be pretty bad) but I just blew up on this guy. The whole time I just wanted to get into my car and run away. Know how we always joke about how we’d kill someone if they tried to steal our car? I hope you’re never in a car jacking but the whole time I was thinking, “I need to get the hell out of here”- but I wasn’t giving him my car. VW key saved me from a horrendous beat down, or worse. At least I got my car though. No cuts or bruises on me either, which is extremely weird. I mean, he hit me HARD a few times.

Funny, I’ve always joked about how my VW key is like a knife. Who would have known.
This is an excellent tale reinforcing the old saying that 'everything is a weapon'.
Additionally situational awareness is critical as well as maintaining ones distance at a minimum of arms length from those one does not know on the street.
This particular situation of being approached and asked for something is one of the oldest wolf techniques in the book.

- Janq
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