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VT Feeler: FT/FS Kahr MK9 stainless micro 9mm

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All state and federal transfer regulations apply.

Kahr MK9 9mm full stainless. 3 magazines, one 6 round with optional finger extension (also have flat floorplate), two 8 round. Comes with box and papers. Very good condition, only a few hundred rounds through it.

Custom adhesive stippling on the frontstrap adds excellent control in rapid fire.

There is a tiny amont of pitting on the exterior of the barrel slightly back from the muzzle (see photo 0895). It was like this when I got it and hasn't changed a bit.

Any time I took this to the range for police qualification, I consistenly scored higher with this than with my full size duty gun. :laugh: I am selling it because I don't shoot it that much and would just like to try something else.

I would like to trade for a polymer Kahr 9mm, .40 or .45, or a Glock 19 or 23 with acessory rail. I'd like to see $400+ transfer fees and shipping for the gun if it's a direct sale. Let's talk.

The holsters are open for discussion, but I'd like to keep them if I trade for another Kahr.
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So once again, I qualified better with this gun than with my full sized duty Walther P99 40sw.

Bump. I'd really like to do an even swap for a poly Kahr of any caliber. Thanks!
Hmmm... My friend Michelle is in the market for a pistol just like that... I recomended the Glock 26 just because I'm a glock man, but she only wants it for home defense and maybe concealed carry, so it has to be small (And which is why I'm posting in this thread). I'll tell he you're a cop and a friend of mine, explain what sort of gun it is, etc...

She said she's willing to spend $1000 on a gun after everything (Small gun safe/lock, cleaning supplies, etc)... I chuckled and told her that if she spent $1000 I'd slap her across the face. :D
It's not the lightest mini-9 around, since it's all steel, but it's very small indeed. The mass helps with recoil control though. It's really nicely made.

Let me know. I'm happy to ship FFL - FFL.
I will let you know if she decideds to go this route.
The Kahrs are some great handguns and amazingly small and lite,BUT I had some trouble with my P9 9mm and stovepipeing I just need to send it in one of these days. It hardly ever happens but Im going to send it in anyways.
Blast from the past. Still available, no great rush to sell, but always looking.
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