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have any of you had an experience shooting uzis? they are one of my favorite types of weapons.. i have tons of pics if anyone would like to see some pictures of them.
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I have had some full auto fun with a few of them, I think I even have a video around here somewhere. There one of the best sub guns ever made thats for sure.
Opionions Regarding Uzis

I've heard mixed reviews on Uzis... Some people swear by them, others say they are unreliable paper weights. I'm interested in hearing from those of you with personal experience with Uzi and its variants...
I'd check with Poison in teh OT. He spent a lot of time in Israel IIRC.
If you want and Uzi get an Uzi; not a Mac-10, Cobray or some similar knockoff, they are not worth the money.

Stick with the open bolt guns. The closed bolt guns just plain fire to fast. Yea A cyclic rate of 1500rpm is cool but its way to fast to control in a gun this size. The standard 600 rpm is enough, if you just gotta have more speed changeing the spring and buffer will gain you a few hundred rpm for just a few dollars.

If you wanna trick it out try a Para micro, small, compacted and come with piccatiny rails. The have a slightly different grip than other UZi's so you can use Glock 33rnd mags in them. Assuming you're getting a 9mm

In my personal experience Uzi's are the Ak of the SMG world. They may not be pretty or coolest but they work. They were designed to do a job and they do it very well.

P.S if you like Uzi's check out a scorpion machine pistol
Yeah the mini uzi is junk cause of its cyclic rate....fullsize however are fine.

Id still rather have an MP5 anyday.
Adler said:
Yeah the mini uzi is junk cause of its cyclic rate....fullsize however are fine.

Id still rather have an MP5 anyday.
Are you talking about the 1,000,000 rounds per second cycle rate? :lol: You can't even squeze off one round, it has to be like twelve at once... ha ha.
A range nearby me rents an uzi, I still have to go there and check it out.
fellas, all things considered... yea an MP5 would be nice but $10,000 for the damned thing when you can get an uzi for 600 bucks that will shoot just as reliably as the MP5 will.. the MP5 will be more accurate but not anymore reliable than an uzi.

the fella who stated that uzis are the AKs of the SMG is correct. very reliable and fun as hell to shoot. and it makes it even better for me because i am a 9mm nut anyway! :p
With a closed bolt gun like some of the mini's and micro you can get away with the high cyclic rate by mounting a laser on the gun and sighting it 1 round at a time. When this is done you use it like a mini shotgun with buck shot. With a folding stock gun, put the stock to shoulder and off hand on the bottom of the mag. you get enough control to walk the bursts up the target. Not real accurate but just as effective as 00 buck
uzis arent made to be accurate. they are made for close quarters "spraying" and assaulting positions from close quarters. the MP5 is nice.. i would love to have one but i will stick with the uzi... 8)
If you see an NFA legal Uzi for $600, let me know, the cheapest one I've ever seen was close to 5 grand!
jamz. i was referring to a semiautomatic uzi. sorry for not stating that in the post above... and yes, these were the knock off brands like norinco, made in china. but they are still fun to shoot.. if i were going to get a another one, i would get an IMI... these are the orginals and are to-the-grave reliable
Last time I was in Montana I saw a used IMI Uzi (semi-automatic) with a 16" barrel for $4,500.
damn you guys... where the hell are yall buying these submachine guns at!!!! you can get a used, Norinco semiautomatic for around $600.00 around here in tennessee. IMI's are drastically more expensive but nicer as well.
Vector arms sells them as well. You can also buy an MP5 clone for 70 ish if you shop around.
How's the quality of the Vector Arms guns?
I honestly have never heard much about them. The few reviews have been positive. If I had the money I would buy their HK33 copy.
That's what I was thinking. Although, I'd love the MP5 knock off too.
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