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Update on my ghia.......

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I want to hunt done whoever did the body work and hit them.......
It had bad paint and some crappy bondo work, so I decided to go to bare metal.


so much for a single piece front clip......
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fuck me running that karmann has seen better days. put the shitty paint back on :)

honestly though, if you have a nice garage like that to spend some time with her, you can make that thing beautiful again. get all the bondo jb weld or what ever other shit is in there and weld it.

great project car. keep me updated on this im intrigued to see where you take it.
if your going convertible you should just do a tonno and make it the summer ride. those rag tops leak like bad anyway and are hopeless in the rain.

2.5" of bondo. good lord...... it would have taken less time to weld.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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