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Hello everyone. I am having issues concealing a pistol comfortably.

Clothes I wear out in the summer time are mostly shorts/jeans and a Tshirt. Abercombie/Holister/dress shirts tucked in mostly. Winter shouldnt be a problem colder weather more clothes makes it easier. However when wearing a pair of shorts and Tshirt hiding this XD40 is a troublesome task to say the least.

Pistol is a XD40 subcompact 3" model

I usualy carry at the right hand side waist area/3-4 o'clock positions. Any ideas on a different holster/carry points? Thanks guys!
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hey manic - i actually switched the leather tab from one side to the other and found the "sweet spot" for all carrying situations - including long periods of driving and sitting
mwink822 said:
Does anyone have any thoughts on SOB as a carry option for a Government size 1911?

the thing about SOB - i didnt like how my 229 flopped around back there

then there is the whole paranoid part about the guy behind you in line grabbin your firearm
anyone tried a good shoulder rig?

have been considering one for my 229 & xtra mags

sold my galco SOB holster a while ago -

so mwink822 - IWB is not an option for you?

i <3 my IWB holster - i go all day long without noticing its even there
yea - dress slacks dont have enough elastisity - at least not like jeans do

lucky for me - we have a casual dress code so its jeans every day for me

sometimes you have to give it to corp america :lol:
1 - 5 of 25 Posts
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