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Uhoh... becoming addicted to 7.62x54R

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EDIT: Range report on the milsurp 1952 Bulgarian light ball. Scroll down to last post for details.

Last Friday before labor day, on a whim, I picked up a Mosin Nagant 91/30. It was super cheap. Cleaned the bore real good and whaddaya know, it was still shiny and nice. Scrounged up a handful of ancient blacktip AP ammo from the local fishing tackle store (who knew) and went to the local range.

Something snapped inside. Four days later, I've got a C&R application submitted and 1000 rounds of Bulgarian 148gr light ball on the way. CZ-52's are starting to look appealing.

Anyone else suffer from this particular disease?
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The M44 barks like a mother f'er. Much more than its bigger brother the M91/30... Wish I had a reliable original soviet scope for it that would stat on zero. Neat little rifle with some crazy history (not to say other rifles don't have history or anything like that... I just happen not to have many classics so eat it!)
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