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"Two cracked out cunts try to pull a beer run on me for about $70 worth of beer."

Store Clerk Prevents Beer Run By Pulling Out His Gun... Then Opens The Door For Crooks To Leave

This is what the clerk in the video had to say:

"Two cracked out cunts try to pull a beer run on me for about $70 worth of beer. The gun I carry is a Ruger P345D .45 ACP. I opened the door for em and told em to have a good night... cause I'm nice like that."

- Janq

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Hmmmm... what state was that? I know if that was in CA he totally could NOT have done that, though he totally should have been able to (according to MY law.. haha).

He was all cool and calm about it... hahah, awesome. You know those two females shat bricks when they saw that gun. lol. Dumbasses.

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i like how the other guy casually asks the clerk what kind of gun it is as he leaves the store.

if that had happend at the 7-11 down the street from me in cali, anyone else in the store probably would have thought the clerk was going nucking futs and ran out screaming, "HES GOT A GUN!!"
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