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We are creating a steel target product series called Threat Elimination Targets Systems (TETS). We all love reactive targets, so we are attempting to take it to the next level.

From the product page:

"Just because one hits their target, doesn’t mean they have accomplished the task of eliminating the threat. Eliminator attempts to hone the skills of the shooter with that exact scenario in mind. Focus the shots into a tighter area than the profile of the target, with no doubt of the successfulness. The target is either alive, or it is down. There is no moving on until it’s dropped.
Built of AR500 laser cut steel, the target face within the dummy is the same quality and craftsmanship you have come to expect from Grizzly Targets. Sets up easily, and breaks down for enhanced portability. Simply grab a shirt, slide it over (cutting the back helps the shirt to hang freely), attach the foam head (included) and the target is ready for live fire.
Shots through the shirt will not drop the target if the steel plate- located in the kill zone- is not hit. It’s that simple. You either drop the target or you don’t. Just like real life, simply shooting isn’t the goal. Constant shots to the chest until the target is down is. Eliminate the threat.
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