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Thinking about getting a rifle

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So, I have a shotgun (Benelli Nova 12g), which I love, although I've only gotten to use it for a grand total of 25 rounds. The reason for that being that the range I go to will only let me use it when nobody else is around. (I don't remember the exact reason for that) So, I'm considering getting a rifle. I'm looking for something semi-auto, that costs under 1k (I'm hoping, anyways), and it absoloutely MUST look really cool. ;) Now, I have no clue what the differences in calibers are and all that, and I also have no clue if semi-auto rifles have any sort of special laws that shotguns don't, so feel free to point out anything that might be considered important in that area. Anyways, after 10-20 minutes of looking around, I found this: Clicky! Personally, I think it looks pretty cool, although beyond that, the arctic thing is pointless. Also, it seems to be semi-auto (although I didn't see anything that specified that it was or was not), and best of all, it just barely squeezes under the sub-1k mark. One question about it though: I'd like the ammo to be reasonably priced, is .223 relatively cheap? (For my Nova, it's $3.50 for a box of 25 Winchester rounds, kinda hard to argue with that. ;) ) By the way, my reason for getting a rifle is mostly because I want to shoot something other than a pistol, and I will rarely get to shoot my shotgun. Also, I'd kinda like something that actually requires aiming to hit the target. (refer to the topic I posted titled "My shoulder hurts" to see what I mean) ;) I'd be shooting this at 75 feet (if I remember correctly), what type of scope/sight would you recommend? Also, where can I find information on age restrictions specific to my state, that isn't concealed amidst pages of legal mumbo-jumbo?

Ok, I'm really starting to ramble here (it's starting to get late), what I'm getting to, is if any of you have suggestions or anything, I'd appreciate it. (See, wasn't that easier to say?) :roll:
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You could build that rifle for about 2-3 hundred less. It would be all black however. 223 is relateively inexpensive if you shop around.

If you are interested let me know and I can PM you all the places to buy from.

Does your state have an assault weapon bad? If so you are out of luck for this rifle.
I would make sure what rifles your range allows you to shoot at 75'. Most ranges don't have a backstop that will handle .223 at that range. And shooting a rifle at that distance isn't going to be fun for very long.

If you want something coll looking, cheap and are going to be shooting indoor look at
its 9mm so it will be cheap to shoot, you more than likely can shoot indoors at most ranges, has decent accuracy to 100 yards and there is a huge aftermarket for them
Or get an M1 Carbine or a Kecl Tec carbine in9mm for much less.
buy this rifle:

better yet, get 2 -- keep the most accurate one -- and get 2-- 1000 rd cases of ammo.

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What one? theres four there....

And the Bushmasters are good rifles Il stick with DPMS and Colt because I like my expensive names... but there almost the same.

As the for AR-15 and M4 type rifles you get what you pay for most of the time.
Ok, I'm seriously considering a Dragunov SVD...

One question though: Is this a complete gun, or a kit of some sort? Everywhere else I've looked, a complete Dragunov will run you anywhere between 1k - 4k, while a kit runs somewhre around 800. Also, is there any major difference between the different makes? I've seen ones from China, Romania, Russia, and who knows how many other countries. One last question... I know, I said one in the first place, but it's 2:30 AM, cut me some slack. :p What would the kick be on something like this, compared to my shotgun? (Yeah, lame, I know... I'm a wimp. ;) )
Romania does not make a Dragunov. They make the PSL which is not as nice or accurate. Look for a Russian Tiger. Its teh civilian version of the Dragunov, its just sans the bayo lug and can be bought for around 1-1.5k.

Chinese ones had some issues with quality.
Thanks, but you saw the link, right?

Romanian Dragunov 7.62x54R w/Scope
Is that just a sales gimmick, or what?

Of course, accuracy isn't really an issue (to some extent), seeing as how I'll only be using it at the local range. (I don't hunt or do any sort of competition)

Now, to figure out where that noise is coming from in my computer... :(
They arent a dragunov...they are sold as one for a sales gimmick. Its really a PSL which is an AK on steriods. A true Dragunov uses a short stroke piston setup that reduces vibration, shoots softer, and is more accurate. The PSL is accurate but the accuracy is less, uses the AK long stroke system, and kicks harder so follow ups arent as fast.

Its not a true Dragunov trust me. If you want a real one then spend the extra on the Tiger. That way Dtragunov parts will interchange. The PSL will take alot of AK parts but some parts may eb hard to get if somethin breaks like the Stocks/Handguards.
So, keeping in mind that it's strictly for plinking at the range, you're saying that I'd be better off getting a real Dragunov, as opposed to this? It's not so much that I want a Dragunov, that I want a semi-auto rifle, and that rifle just happens to look cool, and be relatively affordable. ;)
Well if you want a PSL then by all means go for it. I just like the Dragnunov better because the PSL suffers from the same problem the mini 14 does. When the barrel gets hot from shooting the accuracy starts going to hell.

Maybe you should look into an RPK semi auto which is a long barrled semi auto version of teh AK squad automatic machinegun.
fatcat said:
What one? theres four there....

And the Bushmasters are good rifles Il stick with DPMS and Colt because I like my expensive names... but there almost the same.

As the for AR-15 and M4 type rifles you get what you pay for most of the time.
Sorry dude I ment to post a direct link to the A3 Carbine.
It doesn't make a diference whiich you get, get the barrel hot and accuracy goes to hell. The Drag's are like Ar's high maintatence, not an Ak. the PSl's have the heavier RPK style reciever and are Ak like so you can shoot them with no problems. The PSl may not be as accurate at extended range as a drag but if you stick with 147gn wolf ammo you won;t be dissapointed out to 500 yds
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