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There was a database hiccup...

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So, about 10 hours of posts are gone... All through last night. Sorry guys... The evil database did it!

Blame it on the Serbs!
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It's t3h FBI hacking your system as a result of the MySpace ABC story. :shock:

And Serbs!!!
slobo-DAAAAAAAAAAHHNNNNNN!!!!!!!!! :twisted:

if you don't get it, move along...
i thought something was up i tried the site earlier an it was down then my posts never apeared
only mortal said:
slobo-DAAAAAAAAAAHHNNNNNN!!!!!!!!! :twisted:

if you don't get it, move along...
*Drum splash*

So yeah, I was totally unable to connect with the network database, so I restored everything from my redundant backup file (Even if we got hacked, I have the backup file to restore the site if need be). If someone did hack us however, they'd be tracked like a mofo due to the redunancy of the servers.
Yeah, sorry guys.

Speaking of which, what happened to everyone? I emailed/PM'd and myspaced and no one has read my messages! I hope you're not all dead!
Still anabolizing and catabolizing over here, as well. Of course, I'm not certain if I am a part of "everyone."

1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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