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the range where i shoot...*pics*

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Private range where i shoot:

50yd pistol range:

100yd rifle range:

view from 100yd line:

600yd range, with lines at 500, 300, 200:

view from 600yd line:

zoomed view from 600yd line:

photo from range site that shows 600yd pit:
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donaldsonville, louisiana. about a 35 minute drive from where i live here in baton rouge.
Wow, that's a nice range! Any pistol ranges there?
1st pic is the pistol range, 50yds max. you can move your targets anywhere, though.

100yd rifle is the same way, targets at any distance.

600yd range is the only one where you're really confined by some range rules.

there is no range officer, you are responsible for your actions and actions of your guests. you have to go to a board meeting before being "voted" in as a member.

they give you a gate code and you sign in/out as you come/leave and note your guests.

nobody's really ever there, occasionally someone'll stop in while i'm there and sight their rifle in, but me and my roommate (who is also a member) stay at least 3 hours when we go.
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who keeps it up? dues?

looks in great condition.

Super nice. *jealous*
SolidForce said:
who keeps it up? dues?

looks in great condition.

volunteer work.

kind of why you have to be voted in, they do a whole character listing and what not.

clean up after yourself, they have a lawn tractor in the shed there with which to cut the grass, there's running water out there if you need it, port-a-potties that are changed often enough to where i never have smelled them, even on the inside.

when the berms get too overgrown, the vegetation gets burned.
blzrd said:
OK now I am jealous.
lot of people are.

for $150 a year, its a great deal.

other ranges are:
1. tallow creek in covington, 1hr drive, $10 an hour, 100yd max and poo facilities.
2. some range near lafayette, 1.5 hour drive and i believe only 200yds
3. gonzales police range, 20 min drive, 200yds, but only open on certain days.
4. some place across the river, 15 min drive, members for rifle range only, $150 a year, 150yd max.
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