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The new M60-E4

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I had to watch the video twice, ill be honest. Just in case your jaw is in your lap like mine was, the key point to note here is that the new barrel is advertised as being able to handle 15,000 rounds before a swap. As apposed to every couple hundred rounds with the standard M60.
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Yea, were do I sign up to test weapons all day... Other than a Marine corps armorer, thats what im signing up to do in a few months. Free ammo, test all the guns you want and work on them all day... sounds like my kinda job....
Damn, that's impressive. Hate to be on the other end of that barrel.
Not for too long, but yeah, you'd hate it. :laugh:
The M240 is good so why replace it with something that has a bad reputation with the men that will be using it?

And dam that shoots so slow! Might as well use that new metalurgy on a MG-3.
It shoots fast enough, would you like to be the one with 4,000 rounds of 7.62 straped on your back just to have it shot up in a few min of supressive fire?
1 sec quick bursts are only practical. Unless you are shooting at a battle ship, you could shoot for 1 min 45 secs non stop. Correction maybe the Great Wall of China instead of that battle ship.
Supressive fire to keep peoples heads down uses alot of ammo very quickly. The point of this test was to show they the weapon does not overheat like the old PIG "M60" as used in Vietnam.
No but the M60 is still a POS design in general without teh barrel change. The M240 is heads and tails above it. The M60 had a bad reputation for othe reasons. The sear would wear goofy and the gun would run away or stop, the gas system had a tendancy to be unreliable, and generally teh thing is too friggin heavy for its size.

I would rather have an MG3 as well. Atleast its battle record is proven.
ditto, m240 is an awsome weapon. Put the R&D money into improving that already awsome weapon rather than trying to bring the 60 up to par.
Ben said:
ditto, m240 is an awsome weapon. Put the R&D money into improving that already awsome weapon rather than trying to bring the 60 up to par.
What is there to improve besides say looks and costs?
Looks? how could you make the M240 look any better?.... put a bottle opener on it like the Galil? or perhaps give it some nice Teek wood furniture? oooh or how about a nice pink stock like they have here (I laughed so hard when I saw this pink AR-15 handgurds I had to book mark it.) I would love to show up at the range with pink furniure on my M4. :laugh:
One thing they can do for the 240 is cut down on the weight a little bit. Those sons of bitches are heavy as hell.
I dont think they were created as a Squad automatic weapon, they were mainly for mounted apps such as hummers and APC"S.
The M240B is actually a squad automatic. 2 guys in my platoon carry those as their squad automatics. There's like 6 or 7 different configurations for the M240. The M240E, for example, has no actual rifle butt, and it's got a trigger system like the M2, made specifically to mount on a pintle. Not suprising that they'd give us shit that heavy as a squad automatic, given all the other crap that they make us carry.
What are they 28 pounds or something? not includeing the belts of 7.62.... and gear, sounds like a hell of a work out.

The E6 is currently in testing, and is a basic infantry model designed to rectify one of the M240's few short-comings: weight. The E6 is a lightweight model making use of a titanium receiver block.
Don't know the number off the top of my head, but that sounds about right. Oh, and I made a mistake, it's the M240D that's got the M2 style trigger system (can't remember the proper name for that style grips for the life of me). Still, that's some heavy shit to be carrying around all day when you add all that gear on top of it. That's one part of the job I'm not going to miss, all the gear. I'm going to get myself a nice desk job for a while.
Thats why we always refered to the 240 as the COW. Yea sure its a Crew Operated Weapon, but its also huge and bulky. The weight does help cut down on felt recoil however. Again, the 240 is my favorite weapon of all time. That or CIWS.
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