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The Island Of Gunatics... Choose your destiny.

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The government has introduced a new program that allows victims families to choose punishment to the person that has committed a crime punishable by death.

This program has an option that allows the families to choose an option where the criminal will join a team of nine other prisoners in the same circumstances to deploy to an uninhabited island somewhere in the pacific. The island is twelve square miles and has mountains, fresh water, jungles, and everything else a tropical island would have. These prisoners are not sent to this island for their own benefit, they are sent there to be hunted. Here is how the program works.

The prisoners are sent to this island with supplies that allow them to survive for well over a month. They are given rough maps as to where everything is. They are equipped with decent hiking boots, and standard civilian clothing. They are armed with knives and slingshots which are used for hunting, and also for protection. Their supplies are pretty limited in any case.

They are given a 15 day head start on you, which allows them to prepare for the hunt. They are given very basic intelligence as to what is going to happen. They can work as teams, or they can work as individuals, there are no rules. The island has two safety zones which are about the size of a one car garage. These safety zones are VERY difficult to find, and are very difficult to get to physically. The prisoners will be given maps 1 hour prior to the hunt from helicopters that will drop them off at a pre-determined date/time so that way the prisoners will all have to start from the same spot and have a 1 hour head start to run.

Your mission is to hunt these prisoners down at all costs. You have a team of 10 people with you. You can decide to work as teams, one big team, or work individually, it's all up to you. There are NO rules other than you cannot kill the prisoners when they are in the safe zones. Other than that, it's free reign.
If they do make it to the safety zone, they get a second chance and go back to prison and are rewarded with life in prison.

They have a 15 day head start on you, they know the island better than you, and possibly have made booby traps, so you have to be careful. You can bring ANY supplies you want. You have to remember that you're going to be mobile so you don't want TOO much gear. There are no roads and everything is overgrown, so you'll be on foot. For every prisoner you kill, you are awarded $50 million dollars, tax free.

Knowing what you know, what would you do? What would be your strategy? What sort of supplies would you bring? What sort of firearms/ammo would you be shooting. Night Vision, scopes, lasers, range finders, etc are ALL free for you to use. You can basically use anything that exists on Earth. What would you do, fellow Gunatics? :twisted:

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Do you guys read!? You are on FOOT! FOOT ONLY! No helos, no warthogs, no boats, and no nukes! lol You're hunting these people... Picture Vietnam, only your enemy isn't armed. lol
Nose Nuggets said:

Yeah, but you're on FOOT.
kartoffel said:
I'd blow off the scheduled start time entirely, assuming the hunt starts during daylight. No point traipsing around the island getting sunburned.

Later on, under cover of darkness, my team of 10 would land on the island as stealthily as possible. We'd avoid obvious beachheads such as natural harbors, river mouths and such. Conversely, we'd avoid exposing ourselves by scaling a sheer cliff overlooking the ocean. The main thing is to be low profile, that's all.

The team sticks together on the first night. Each person has helmet or goggle mounted thermal IR and a standard assortment of gear, but is limited to ~70 lbs per person max. Gear that's not being transported personally needs to be cached SECURELY and kept under guard at all times. The risk of the prisoners gaining access to modern equipment outweighs the benefit of bringing tons of shit.

So, on the first night the team moves inland and conceals itself. It's not a race to explore the island, and preferably you DON'T want to bump into any prisoners on the first night. The team conceals itself thoroughly and caches their gear inside a perimeter. One squad concerns itself with the concealment location, setting up lightweight motion sensors or wireless CCTV hidden in the vegetation.

The second squad deploys am RQ-11 UAV with thermal imaging. From a concealed location AWAY from the main hide, the UAV operator climbs out over the ocean until the UAV is inaudible, then conducts a thermal survey of the island for warm bodies. If any footpaths or interesting structures are visible, they're noted as well. UAV activity ceases before dawn and the survey squad retires to the concealment location.

During daylight hours of day 1, the team lays low with 3-4 members on watch at all times. The team continues to hide after sunset until approximately midnight.

Day 2: The team splits into 3 squads: a 4-man hunter/killer group, a 4-man group to guard the concealment location, and 2 more for the UAV team. All have radio contact with each other.

If warm bodies were sighted on the first night, the hunter/killer squad should already have a general plan. The UAV squad performs a second thermal survey of the island and updates the hunter/killer squad as necessary.

Before sunrise, the whole team returns to the hide. Lather, rinse, repeat.


Awesome, just awesome. I know who I'm going to when I need "a friend". lol
Pre-diddy said:
I would:

1) Change my name to Muhammad Hussein
2) Recruit 9 of al queda's best
3) 9 C4 vests
4) They get the same information Brucelee provided (minus the little bit about the $50 mil per head) but it will be modified to say Jewish atheist infidels in place of criminal.
5) ???
6) Profit

Ok, realistically?

Me and one buddy of mine...

I'd carry an m1a scout with a small 4x scope, strapped to a back pack.
~100 rounds I think. (5 mags)
In hand I'd keep a lever action open sights, .357, in hand.
~50 rounds.
Wheelgun crossdraw holstered, 6" barrel, open sights, .357.
Sig mosquito, leg holster strong side, silencer, modified to ensure accuracy and reliability.
~50 rounds (5 mags)
A couple frag grenades

Large fixed blade knife, ankle holster.
Small LED flashlight
Those fancy 2 way radios with earpieces that you can talk into.
Night vision goggles, infrared goggles (batteries, etc.)

1 week worth of non-perishable food and a few gallons of water.
Climate appropriate clothes dark earth tones or camo.

The plan

I'd go in under the following assumtions... That they aren't all going to be great survivalists, at least some have banded together, they have been moving the entire time.
All our movements occur durring hours of diminished light/night time. That levels the playing field (the know the terrain much better). Also allows us to move a little faster without fatigue. Sleep in 4 hour shifts durring midday. Food/water stashed in a burried cache at a central point on the island. Try to live off the land, use cache as last resort. Depending on the actual lay out of the island, I'd probably be spending most of my time looking for them near the perimeter, water sources, and food sources.

Thats about as good I can do with such an open ended scenario. Why not more assistance? No preasure to actually get them all, and its less money to split. I figure we could get about half of them or so, at least. And he's the only person I know that I'd actually trust to be able to do this and pull his weight and move at my pace. I didn't address what my buddy would have, I'd leave it to him, but whatever it ended up being we'd probably keep it so calibres stayed compatable and swapable.

I figure my gear load out is pretty reasonable to haul around. If something got burdensome I could easily render it useless with fire, water, or gravity, and leave it. I also left out some smaller things I'd end up bringing, hat, sunglasses, lighter, etc.

Who says you'd only get half of them? These safety spots are ridiculously difficult to get to, they require puzzle solving abilities, as well as strength and team work.
I like a lot of the ideas posted here, creative and effective. Lot of things that I would do you guys already posted.

as an alternative, you could do this:

Get a team of troops, 4 snipers, 4 spotters and 2 infantry type commandos that are heavily armed. Set up sniper nests around the general area of the safety zones (quite a distance away) with full view of the safety zones, so nothing goes in without being shot.

The two commandos would work alone in the general area of the safety zone, setting up traps, snags, and hide out waiting for their prey.

The whole mission would be based on stealth... These criminals wouldn't even know we were there.

For equipment, IR vision as well as night vision G3, insane optics for the rifles and spotters. As for the rifles... I'm can't narrow down a specific rifle, but I'd be .50 cal for sure, I don't want surviors crawling into the safety zone. I want them to splatter.

Of course my guys would be in ghille suits and have small arms with them as well. FALs, grenades, pistols, etc...

Damn, I have way too many fantasies about this scenario. lol I know you guys do too, don't lie.
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PS: The appache idea is great! I'd frigging LOVE that...

It'd also be cool to have a helo with a mini gun mounted on the side shooting tracers. *orgasm*
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