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What Current Camo Pattern do you prefer

  • U.S. 6 Color Desert (Choco Chip)

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  • U.S. 3 Color Desert

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  • U.S. Marpat Woodland

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  • British DPM

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  • None... I run around the battlefield naked...

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The Great Camo Debate

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Well, looks like we could have a nice thread about camo! Post your opinions here!

I personally think Crye Multicam is the most versatile camo available right now. Not only for the camo pattern, but for the BDU/Gear design.
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Wow, that's a damn good pattern. I'd have to agree with you on the effectiveness of the cammo on it, but I'd change the sleeve pockets just a little bit if I could on those. Sleeve pockets are a lot easier to get into if they've got a slight forward angle on them, something in the area of a 30 degree cant. If they make that change, I'll give it my vote for best uniform.
Like in a RAID style BDU shirt like this? :wink:

The BDU pants even accomodate thigh holsters and rigs with the side pockets being lower.

Yeah the Crye boys seem to "overthink" aspects of combat gear.

The plate carrier chasis

Armor Componenet add-ons
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Exactly like that. Holy shit. The only better cammo would be Predator style shit. It's got my vote.
Places to get RAID style BDU's (Other then Cyre) in a variety of Camo Patterns are:

There's also a place that will convert your regular BDU's to RAID style. I gotta find that link again though ;(

ankle pockets and integrated knee/elbow pads r0xx0rs!

Since I usually play either outdoors late in the day or indoors, I wear knockoff USMC Combat Utilities in a black-charcoal-and-grey version of MARPAT. Like this, but less the brown.

They're made by True Spec; they're a fairly durable NyCo twill. My only complaints are that they seem to be fading pretty rapidly and I don't like that the kneepad pouches are only accessable from INSIDE the trousers.

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Wait a minute... *contemplates the issues of only being able to use a pocket from inside your own clothes* I guess that's one way of deterring pickpockets...

I wanna see some big pics of ACU and OCU(?) though! :D
what's OCU?

Pics of ACU here:

I've been using different camo fabrics for backdrops on my pics here. The zoomed version should give yo a good idea of how it looks in scale.

DW Backgdrop Pics:


ACU, Arpat, Army Digital (Comparison pic of how Desert Tan looks with the ACU Pattern)

Marpat Desert:
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LOL, Orca, you should make your own cammo pattern and call it that. That'd be some funny shit.
OMG see what you made me do Shad!!!

I'ma do a Hello Kitty 1 next to coordinate with the infamous AEX HK (Hello Kitty) XM8:
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ive seen the multi cam, standard woodland, ACU and, MARPAT all out in the field near one another in the same general brush, and the multi cam is fuckin amazing. its almost stupid how good it is at brakig up the human figure.
ORCA said:
Holy shit, OCU pattern. We have a winner, can I change my vote?
Wow, talk about bringing it back from the dead. When it said I already voted, I got pissed, because I knew I hadn't seen this recently. Then I noticed the date.:D
Here is a neat link comparing Multicam to ACU in field:

And Army Testing of Multicam and some other Future Warrior devices (Notice the Xbox controller and Monicle on soldier on left)
Most of the camo i prefer comes from non tactical comapnies since i prefer to match the camo to the terrain. Mossy oak and real tree cover most of the bases and as far as the camo aspect their patterns are much better than any thing tactical.
Advantage Camo always worked well for me playing paintball... Where I lived anyway. I always thought the amount of brown was more well suited to the natural terrain and leaf litter.
I heard a rumor (from a very reliable source) this weekend that the new army uniform will be multicam.:)
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