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I figured this DID belong in the General gun talk part, because it has to do with guns! Theres alot of posts in the wrong places poping up now, Anyways lets get to the point...

Secret Gun Ban Plan (Brady)

New Brady Anti-Gun Strategy Revealed

*Decommissioned" Guns Nearly As Good As Confiscation

by Alan Korwin, Author
Gun Laws of America

The Brady group and its congressional supporters are proceeding, and making headway, with a below-radar effort to ban operating firearms from the general public, without having to actually disarm America's 95 million gun owners.

The plan is now evolving around an innocent-sounding new legal term. It was tucked deep in a 400,000-word spending bill under president Clinton (law # P.L. 105-277), and it is now spreading throughout federal gun laws. Its latest use, the eighth, is in the frivolous-lawsuit ban just enacted (The Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act, law # P.L. 109-92; S.397). Described at the end of this report, it accents a liability all Americans -- not just gun owners -- are increasingly under, a tightening legal noose few people realize is around their necks.

Read the rest here, it was waaay to large to post. Scheme.htm

Christ on a bike, do they ever just give up?!? Yep, there doing it again there trying to sneek bans under "Nice" sounding names that dont sound to bad yet they are TOTALY devastating to gun owners. Bans like this make you think they have failed to think "Hm could it be that bad guys will not lock up there guns?" YES! THEY HAVE! They dont give a shit about criminals with guns... They just want law abiding to get there guns taken away. ok ok.. im not going to go on anymore with this rant because im tired and God only knows what il end up saying.

discuss away!!!

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Much of this is already in effect in states across the nation.
Also carrying a firearm on Federal property including national parks has been illegal since awhile ago if I recall.

I'm confused by this.

- Janq
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